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1066 and the Norman Conquest

1066 was a momentous year for England. The death of Edward the Confessor set off a chain of events that would lead to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest. In the years that followed, the Normans had a profound impact on the country they had conquered.

Secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry image
Secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry
Ever since it came to attention in the 17th century, the world's most famous tapestry has been a source of never-ending speculation. This book highlights the background of its construction and the...


I Was There... 1066 image
I Was There... 1066
I Was a perfect introduction for younger readers into stories from the past, allowing children to imagine that they were really there. I Was There...1066 tells the thrilling story of a youn...


William the Conqueror: A Ladybird Adventure from History Book image
William the Conqueror: A Ladybird Adventure from History Book
William the Conqueror is part of the popular Adventures from History series. First published in 1966, this beautifully illustrated book has been specially re-released to commemorate the 950th annivers...


The English Castle: 1066-1650 image
The English Castle: 1066-1650
From coast to coast, the English landscape is still richly studded with castles both great and small. As homes or ruins, these historic buildings are today largely objects of curiosity. For centuries,...


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