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A specialist range of books for archaeology enthusiasts

Field Archaeology of Exmoor image
Field Archaeology of Exmoor
A wealth of fascinating and diverse archaeology lies concealed in Exmoor's valleys, woods and moorlands. Six years of original survey work have sought out the evidence from prehistoric stone setti...


Mosaics in Roman Britain: Stories in Stone image
Mosaics in Roman Britain: Stories in Stone
Roman Britain has almost 200 mosaics. In this fully illustrated book Dr Patricia Witts opens up the stories of the mosaics to the modern reader, identifying the figures who remain, explaining what the...


The Tudor Garden image
The Tudor Garden
Contrived, colourful and cultured, the Tudor garden was a paradise on earth, given over to pleasurable pastimes and aesthetic effect. Artificiality was the fashion of the age, with clipped and twining...


Stonehenge in its Landscape image
Stonehenge in its Landscape
This volume represents a detailed discussion of the structural history of Stonehenge, arrived at by the integration of evidence from primary records of excavations carried out between 1901 and 1964. T...


Haughmond Abbey image
Haughmond Abbey
Haughmond Abbey was a prosperous house of Augustinian Canons north-east of Shrewsbury.  Today it is an extensive ruin in the guardianship of English Heritage. The work reported on had its orig...


The Stonehenge Landscape image
The Stonehenge Landscape
Key Features New analysis of the greatest prehistoric monument in Western Europe Covers all monuments in the Stonehenge landscape Packed with high quality illustrations including eye-catch...


The Historic Landscape of the Mendip Hills image
The Historic Landscape of the Mendip Hills
Key Features A chronological look at the historic landscape of the Mendip Hills Explores both archaeological and architectural features in the landscape Richly illustrated with photographs, ...


The Rows of Chester image
The Rows of Chester
Almost ten years of historical and archaeological research on the Rows of Chester, the most extensive surviving example in Europe of a medieval two-tier complex of shops, are detailed in this thorough...


Time Team Guide to the Archaeological Sites of Britain & Ireland image
Time Team Guide to the Archaeological Sites of Britain & Ireland
Great Britain and Ireland are home to some of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall and Ironbridge are familiar to us all and each year thousands flock to w...


Swindon: The Legacy of a Railway Town image
Swindon: The Legacy of a Railway Town
'In the pioneering days of early Victorian railway engineering the decision of Gooch and Brunel to locate an engine house and works just to the north of Swindon led to the creation of a sizeable e...


Journey to Britannia: From the Heart of Rome to Hadrian's Wall, AD 130 image
Journey to Britannia: From the Heart of Rome to Hadrian's Wall, AD 130
It is AD 130. Rome is the dazzling heart of a vast empire and Hadrian its most complex and compelling ruler. Faraway Britannia is one of the Romans' most troublesome provinces: here the sun is sel...


The Malvern Hills image
The Malvern Hills
The Malvern Hills are a dramatic ridge of ancient volcanic rocks along the western edge of the Severn Valley. Archaeologically, the Hills are known almost exclusively for the two very large and promin...


Stonehenge: World Heritage Site image
Stonehenge: World Heritage Site
Stonehenge is one of Europe's most eminent prehistoric monuments, a fact recognized in 1986 when the site and its surrounding landscape was inscribed on the World Heritage List. Since that time, m...


Hillforts image
A detailed archaeological landscape survey that, like all the best pieces of detective work, investigates hillforts with the combined precision of the microscope and the ability to stand back and view...


Dangerous Energy image
Dangerous Energy
This book comprises a national study of the explosives industry and provides a framework for identification of its industrial archaeology and social history. Few monuments of gunpowder manufacture ...


Science in Archaeology image
Science in Archaeology
The papers in this volume were presented at a conference held in London in February 1997; their theme is the contribution of the sciences to archaeology. Each paper includes an element of reporting an...


Textile Mills of South West England image
Textile Mills of South West England
- The first study of textile mill buildings across the South West region - Explains the great influence of textile mills on the development of towns and countryside - Heavily illustrated and inc...


The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor image
The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor
The modern visitor to Devon, travelling west into the region, is greeted by a panorama of the high ground and rocky outcrops of Dartmoor. In a county renowned for its 'rolling hills', Dartmoor...


An Archaeology of Town Commons in England image
An Archaeology of Town Commons in England
Historically, towns in England were provided with common lands for grazing the draft animals of townspeople engaged in trade and for the pasturing of farm animals in an economy where the rural and the...


Silbury Hill image
Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill, the largest prehistoric mound in Europe, has long been an enigma. Set within the chalk downlands of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, it is traditionally thought to have be...


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