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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist; and is, arguably, most famous for his Theory of Evolution. His theory was first published in 1859 in his book On the Origin of Species, which is available below.

English Heritage has a wide range of books about Darwin, Evolution and his former residence, Down House.

The Origin of Species (Everyman's Library classics) image
The Origin of Species (Everyman's Library classics)
I feel most deeply that this whole question of Creation is too profound for human intellect. A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton! Let each man hope and believe what he can' Charles...


Voyage Of The Beagle image
Voyage Of The Beagle
2009 marks the bi-centennary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of his ground-breaking publication "On the Origin of Species" (1859). Many of his scientific investigati...


From So Simple a Beginning: image
From So Simple a Beginning:
Never before have the four great works of Charles Darwin - Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle (1845), The Origin of Species (1859), The Descent of Man (1871) and The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals...


Darwin: A Life In Poems image
Darwin: A Life In Poems
Charles Darwin lost his mother at the age of eight, repressed all memory of her, and poured his passion into newt collecting and shooting. As a young man, his five year voyage on H.M.S. Beagle changed...


Darwin's Universe - (Hardback) image
Darwin's Universe - (Hardback)
This alphabetically arranged reference, an immensely entertaining browser's delight, offers a dazzling overview of the life and thought of Charles Darwin and his incredibly wide sphere of influenc...


The Blind Watchmaker (Paperback image
The Blind Watchmaker (Paperback
Acclaimed as the most influential work on evolution written in the last hundred years, "The Blind Watchmaker" offers an inspiring and accessible introduction to one of the most important sci...


The Origin of Species by Natural Selection image
The Origin of Species by Natural Selection
Written for the general public of the 1850s, this is a rigorously documented but highly readable account of the scientific theory that now lies at the root of present day attitudes to the universe. Ch...


The Wedgwood/Darwin Dynasty image
The Wedgwood/Darwin Dynasty
In 1839, a marriage took place which cemented a union between two of the great family names of British history. Emma Wedgewood, daughter of Josiah, was a scion of the great family responsible for the ...


Evolution Revolution image
Evolution Revolution
The story behind Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution from the fun and fabulous Robert Winston. Join Robert Winston for an amazing look at the story of evolutionary science and the way Charles Dar...


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