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We have a fun assortment of children’s books that are perfect for budding historians. The wide range of products provides an entertaining, educational experience of history. Our books range from the ever-popular Horrible Histories series for the older readers to amusing pop-up books for the younger audience.

The Worst Children's Jobs in History image
The Worst Children's Jobs in History
The Worst Children's Jobs in History takes you back to the days when being a kid was no excuse for getting out of hard labour. This book tells the stories of the children throughout Britain's ...


The Secrets of Stonehenge image
The Secrets of Stonehenge
Travel back in time 5,000 years and more, and relive the amazing story of Stonehenge... Discover the very first henge, dug out with antler-horn picks. Watch as the great bluestones are paddled down...


Knight School image
Knight School
Little Knight and Little Dragon can't wait for their first day of school. But Little Knight goes to Knight School in the day time... and Little Dragon goes to Dragon School at night. How will t...


Roman Army image
Roman Army
The Romans were the world's first military superpower. Much of their success lay in the strength of their vast army of highly trained, ruthless efficient soldiers. Discover what made the Roman leg...


Victorian Family Paper Dolls image
Victorian Family Paper Dolls
Four full-color dolls and 38 costumes portray a proper Victorian-era family at work and play. Gorgeous garb from warm wintercoats to summer bathing costumesfor every occasion, from a formal wedding to...


Build your own Stonehenge image
Build your own Stonehenge
Build your own Stonehenge mini book pack includes 16 Stonehenge rocks, a beautifully landscaped map, and a 32 page guide explaining the mysterious building of this ancient wonder. Explore and replicat...


A Street Through Time image
A Street Through Time
Follow the life of a street, seeing it develop from a small Stone Age camp - changing over thousands of years - into a bustling riverside thoroughfare in the heart of a metropolis. This beautifully il...


Britannia - 100 Great Stories from British History image
Britannia - 100 Great Stories from British History
King Canute, Lady Godiva, Guy Fawkes, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Grace Darling and other famous names from 3000 years of history live again in these 100 tragic, comic, stirring tales of adventure, folly a...


Look Inside: Roman Town image
Look Inside: Roman Town
- A fascinating glimpse into life in an Ancient Roman town with lots of scenes to explore and over 100 flaps to lift. - Children will love following the Flavius family as they go shopping, visit th...


See inside Noisy Castles - Usborne image
See inside Noisy Castles - Usborne
A humorous yet historically accurate look at life in a thirteenth century medieval castle brought to life with flaps and a sound panel. David Hancock's illustrations include a magnificent banqu...


Cruel Kings & Mean Queens image
Cruel Kings & Mean Queens
Horrible historical facts on our shocking sovereigns, from William the Conker up to Lizzie the Last. Which king died after falling off the toilet? Why did people think King John was a werewolf? These ...


What Were Castles For? image
What Were Castles For?
This series consists of simple illustrated guides to answer children's questions about history and invite comparisons with life today. This particular title deals with castles....


Who Were The Romans? image
Who Were The Romans?
This series consists of simple illustrated guides to answer children's questions about history and invite comparisons with life today. This particular title deals with the Romans. ...


London: 50 Adventures by Foot (City Walks with Kids) - (Cards) image
London: 50 Adventures by Foot (City Walks with Kids) - (Cards)
City Walks is a popular series by Chronicle Books. Each set has 50 cards of walking tours in a box. This means you don't have to take everything out with you but can choose the areas you want to e...


See inside London image
See inside London
A fantastic flap book that takes children on a journey through London from ancient times to today. Fabulous scenes show London in Roman times, in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Plague and during ...


Pirates (Usborne Sticker Dressing) image
Pirates (Usborne Sticker Dressing)
A great addition to this exciting sticker book series. It is packed with historically accurate pirate costumes and juicy details on how pirates really lived, from Viking pirates in the first century t...


The Story of Stonehenge: Activity Guide image
The Story of Stonehenge: Activity Guide
This children's activity guide to the story of Stonehenge takes children and their families on a tour round the site, shedding light on this fascinating and mysterious monument. The lively and inf...


The Amazing Pop-Up Stonehenge image
The Amazing Pop-Up Stonehenge
Who built Stonehenge? How and when was it built? And why? This book, aimed at the inquisitive child (and adult), looks at these questions and, with the aid of innovative paper technology, attempts to ...


Story of Castles image
Story of Castles
Why did people need castles? What was it like to live in one? And why did castles go out of fashion? This book tells their incredible story, from the first wooden tower to the crumbling ruins you see ...


Meg's Castle image
Meg's Castle
Meg, Mog and Owl stay in a castle. They meet ghastly ghosts and spooky white knights, fight brave battles and tuck into a big feast. The bestselling Meg and Mog stories are perfect for sharing or r...


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