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The Secrets of Stonehenge image
The Secrets of Stonehenge
Travel back in time 5,000 years and more, and relive the amazing story of Stonehenge... Discover the very first henge, dug out with antler-horn picks. Watch as the great bluestones are paddled down...


Build your own Stonehenge image
Build your own Stonehenge
Build your own Stonehenge mini book pack includes 16 Stonehenge rocks, a beautifully landscaped map, and a 32 page guide explaining the mysterious building of this ancient wonder. Explore and replicat...


If Stones Could Speak - (Paperback) image
If Stones Could Speak - (Paperback)
What are the secrets of the ancient stone circle? Were the carefully placed stones a burial site, an ancient calendar, a place of Druid worship...or even a site of sacrifice? World-renowned archaeolog...


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