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Stonehenge Collectors & Souvenirs

Bluestone Trilithon Keyring image
Bluestone Trilithon Keyring
Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our mystical Bluestone Stonehenge Trilithon Keyring. Made from Bluestone this keyring makes a lovely keepsake gift from Stonehenge. Bluestone is the collective ...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
Stonehenge mini model displaying the stone's current alignment. A perfect gift or souvenir Made in England ...


Stonehenge Hanging Decoration image
Stonehenge Hanging Decoration
Celebrate the magical beauty of Stonehenge with this striking and original decoration. Made exclusively for English Heritage to commemorate the majestic ancient stones in Wiltshire, it is a lovely sou...


Story of Stonehenge Collectable Model image
Story of Stonehenge Collectable Model
This highly collectable model of Stonehenge makes a beautiful souvenir to cherish for years to come. Display it on a shelf or table or in a cabinet as a constant reminder of the magic of this ancient ...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
Enjoy the captivating beauty of Stonehenge day after day with this eye-catching replica model. Mounted on a circular base, the accurate resin model depicts the ancient stone circle that has a history ...


English Heritage - Stonehenge Medallion image
English Heritage - Stonehenge Medallion
Tower Mint - Stonehenge Medallion 22ct Gold Plated. ...


Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe image
Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe
Stonehenge stands as a powerful witness to the once great civilization of the Stone and Bronze Ages, between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. See it in the snow by simply shaking this charming snowglobe - a...


Stonehenge Keyring Pewter image
Stonehenge Keyring Pewter
Pewter keyring with Stonehenge pendant. This will make a great gift or souvenir of the famous rocks, Stonehenge! ...


Stonehenge Glass Laser Block image
Stonehenge Glass Laser Block
Solid block of glass, featuring a 3-D laser engraved image inside of the stones of Stonehenge in their current orientation. ...


Stonehenge Lazer Glass Keyring image
Stonehenge Lazer Glass Keyring
View Stonehenge from all angles with this laser image keyring. ...


Pewter, Stonehenge Model  - Large image
Pewter, Stonehenge Model - Large
Large, pewter model of Stonehenge. Pewter on top of surround 6.5cm x 6.5 cm. With Surround 9cm x 9cm. Height 3cm ...


Stonehenge Trilithon 4GB USB Stick image
Stonehenge Trilithon 4GB USB Stick
This USB stick is an ultra cool way to save and store data, whether at work, school or home. Crafted into the shape of a classic Stonehenge trilithon, the memory stick is a fun and functional souvenir...


Stonehenge Charm Keyring image
Stonehenge Charm Keyring
Keep a lasting memory of Stonehenge with you at all times with this stylish souvenir keyring. It features a decal engraved with the word Stonehenge and 3 charms pertinent to the site: miniature replic...


Neolithic Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe image
Neolithic Stonehenge Glitter Snowglobe
This charming snowglobe is a great souvenir for any young visitor to Stonehenge. The glittery scene depicts one of Stonehenge's trilithons surrounded by a sheep, rabbit and bird. Emphasising the c...


Stonehenge Glass Dome Paperweight image
Stonehenge Glass Dome Paperweight
A striking paperweight to grace any desk or table, whether in the office or at home. Featuring a photograph of Stonehenge in its base, the glass dome transforms the scene into a unique 3D experience. ...


Bluestone Power Stone image
Bluestone Power Stone
A smooth piece of genuine Preseli Bluestone.The stone is understood to have been revered for centuries for its magical and healing properties. ...


Stonehenge Fridge Magnet Grass image
Stonehenge Fridge Magnet Grass
A Traditional fridge magnet depicting an iconic aerial photograph of Stonehenge. A must have souvenir for all Stonehenge enthusiast! ...


Stonehenge Framed magnet image
Stonehenge Framed magnet
Stonehenge is surely Britain's greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for the worship...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world. We shall never know why hundreds of people struggled over a great many years to build this fascinating monument. Showing Stonehenge as it ...


Bluestone Trilithon Magnet image
Bluestone Trilithon Magnet
Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our mystical Bluestone Stonehenge Trilithon Magnet. Made from Bluestone this magnet makes a lovely keepsake gift from Stonehenge. Bluestone is the collective na...


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