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image of Guidebook: Whitby Abbey

Guidebook: Whitby Abbey

Product Code: 15449
High on their windswept headland, the imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey dominate the busy harbour town below. Originally founded in the seventh century and ruled by the renowned Abbess Hild, the first monastery here was the setting for one of the defining episodes in the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon church  the synod of Whitby. After the Norman Conquest a new religious community was established on the site, which eventually grew into one of the great abbeys of Yorkshire. Later, after the Suppression of the Monasteries, the abbot's house was converted into a grand private residence. Drawing on the latest archaeological investigations, this new, richly illustrated guidebook provides a full tour and history of the abbey and headland.


Pub date: June 2010

Size: 285mm x 210mm
Author 1: Steven Brindle
ISBN: 9781848020726
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by Gareth Pattison on 18 Oct 2012 at 12:01
Very interesting and informative, a great help during my visit.
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