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image of The Gardens of English Heritage (Hard Back)

The Gardens of English Heritage (Hard Back)

Product Code: 15759
Winner of The Garden Media Guild Book Awards 2010 - "Inspirational Book of the Year"

The magnificent parks and gardens owned by English Heritage are far less well-known than its evocative medieval abbeys or Victorian mansions. Yet these remarkable places offer a wide-ranging variety of gardening pleasures. Some have stunning designs, while others are important for their history or their plants. A surprising number are brand new and a few of the best are tiny. All have marvellously atmospheric surroundings.

From Queen Victoria's garden at Osborne, complete with charming vegetable plots for the royal children, to the exotic Quarry Garden at Belsay Hall and the modern restraint of the Contemporary Heritage Scheme, here are gardens from every corner of England and almost every century. These essays tell the story of how each was created and of the sometimes eccentric families who owned them. The decay their trees, fountains and statues so often fell into is described - and the way they have been restored and survive to delight us today.

About The Authors

GILLIAN MAWREY lives in London. After reading English at Oxford, she worked as a children's books editor and then studied art history and began writing about historic gardens. She lectures in the UK and abroad and has served on prize juries in Belgium and France. In 1995 she set up the Historic Gardens Foundation and is its current chairman.

Formerly a bookseller, LINDEN GROVES fell in love with gardens after working with Gillian Mawrey on her magazine Historic Gardens Review.

Ten years later, she now has a Masters degree in Garden History and is still part of the Revie's editorial team. She is the author of Historic Parks and Gardens of Cheshire, and editor of Eyecatcher, the newsletter of the Association of Gardens Trusts. Linden lives in Muswell Hill, London.

216 pages, 250 photographs

Publish Date: August 2010

Size: 295 x 250 mm (Hardback)
ISBN: 9780711227712
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by The Garden Media Guild Book Awards 2010 on 06 Dec 2010 at 12:32
The winning book fulfils the criterion to inspire on many levels. It brings English Heritage’s gardens to the reader’s attention and explores their fascinating history through well-written, readable text and clever panels that the reader can dip in and out of. It’s well designed and good looking enough to grace any coffee table, with excellent photos. It brilliantly achieves a tricky job: to be a factual book about gardens and their history that’s also a great read
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