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Our best-selling dressing-up clothes make the perfect gift for any child. If they love to play fight, we have all the weapons they could possibly need, from traditional bows and arrows to wooden swords. Continuing the theme of role-play, our beautifully-made hand puppets allow children to recreate their very own fairytale. Whilst our traditional wooden toys have enduring appeal.

Ride-On Dragon image
Ride-On Dragon
This mystical ride on dragon makes for a great fun battle with any knight with its blue scale like fabric, shiny black horns and fierce teeth it can be easily worn over any outfit with easy ...


Crusader Knight Dress Up image
Crusader Knight Dress Up
A wonderful costume for any brave little knight going into battle. This Crusader Knight dress up set has chainmail effect sleeves with a chainmail effect helmet. The tunic has silver padded ...

From £35.00

Medieval Queen Dress Up image
Medieval Queen Dress Up
A beautiful gown fit for any Medieval Queen, this red satin and velour dress with a golden glitter bodice print is finished with extravagant gold foil organza panelled sleeve detail. Key Features: ...

From £36.00

Kings Cloak and Crown image
Kings Cloak and Crown
If your little one wants to be the king of the castle, this red velour cloak is the perfect dressing up choice. It has ermin faux fur edge detail, red satin quilted panels around the shoulde...

From £29.99

Gold Crown image
Gold Crown
This fantastic gold crown embellished with colourful gems is a great addition to any child's fancy dress wardrobe. ...


Child's Chainmail Coif image
Child's Chainmail Coif
Knights dress up chain mail helmet is the perfect addition to any child's set of armour. 90% polyester, 8% metal and 2% nylon. ...


Foam Mace image
Foam Mace
MULTIBUY: 2 for £12 when you buy a Foam Flail and Foam Mace, a saving £1.50 when purchased separately. Enter TOY12 at the basket page to receive this discount* This soft foam ...


Foam Flail image
Foam Flail
MULTIBUY: 2 for £12 when you buy a Foam Flail and Foam Mace, a saving £1.50 when purchased separately. Enter TOY12 at the basket page to receive this discount...


Excalibur - Champion Sword image
Excalibur - Champion Sword
Exclusively developed for Tintagel castle; historically, swords like this were wielded by Knight's as they went to battle against the enemies of their lord. Such was the power of these men that co...


Greatsword - Wooden image
Greatsword - Wooden
Our wooden Greatsword, a toy replica of those often seen in the hands of master swordsmen, on the field of battle these great swords were used to break tight enemy polearm formations. A great add...


Ancient Briton Spear image
Ancient Briton Spear
The Ancient Briton Spear have been made using recycled A.B.S Plastic. The spear has a shaft of wooden dowel ...


Neolithic Hunter's Spear image
Neolithic Hunter's Spear
Stone Age spears were tools for hunting animals. The skills needed to make this tool were developed over many, many generations. A thin, but strong, tree branch was heated by a fire to become flexible...


Bow and Arrow image
Bow and Arrow
MULTIBUY: Get a Quiver of 2 arrows for only £1.50 when you purchase a Bow and Arrow, a saving of £2.50 when purchased separately. Enter BOW150 at the basket page to receive ...


Make Your Own Neolithic House image
Make Your Own Neolithic House
Make and decorate your very own Neolithic roundhouse similar to the Neolithic houses recreated at the iconic Stonehenge. The roundhouses are the kind of dwellings people may have lived in at the ti...


Make Your Own Hero Medals image
Make Your Own Hero Medals
Medals are given in recognition for lots of things; from bravery in war and peace time to helping people, for winning at sport or given for amazing achievements in medicine, politics or...


Make Your Own Celtic Tile image
Make Your Own Celtic Tile
Celtic Art is made up of beautiful geometric shapes and its early origins are seen in the sculpture, carving, metalwork and pottery of the ancient Celtic population.  Now you can make your own...


Large English Heritage Dragon image
Large English Heritage Dragon
An irresistibly cuddly soft toy dragon made exclusively for English Heritage. Our very own dragon is hardly the creature of myths, breathing fire and killed by knights in shining armour. With his big ...


Kings and Queens of England 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle image
Kings and Queens of England 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
From William I to Queen Elizabeth II, this exclusive 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle depicts the kings and queens of England and their Coat of Arms since 1066 . Exclusive to English ...


English Heritage Guess Who? image
English Heritage Guess Who?
Guess Who? This fantastic flip and find two-player game will keep you guessing for hours. This special edition of Guess Who? has been made exclusively for English Heritage using figures that shap...


English Heritage Monopoly Game image
English Heritage Monopoly Game
Swap Old Kent Road for Stonehenge and Park Lane for Dover Castle in this special English Heritage edition of Monopoly. English Heritage's exclusive Monopoly game takes you on an exciting chrono...


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