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Exclusive English Heritage Games

Bring the family together with our collection of exclusive English Heritage games. From classic monopoly to our very own memory game, we are sure to have something that will improve your history knowledge as you play. Read on and discover the wonderful games that we have to offer:

English Heritage Monopoly Game

Swap Old Kent Road for Stonehenge and Park Lane for Dover Castle in this special English Heritage edition of Monopoly.

English Heritage's exclusive Monopoly game takes you on an exciting chronological.journey through the ages, from Prehistory to the Modern Age, as you make your way round the board. This unique version of everybodys favourite board game champions English Heritage's preservation of over 400 sites, buildings and monuments. Chance and Community Chest cards reflect the work of English Heritage, the Electric Company and Waterworks are replaced by volunteering and membership and the train stations by annual English Heritage events such as Jousting, World War II Weekend and St George's Day. What's more, a contribution from each sale helps secure England's spectacular and unique heritage for future generations to enjoy.

English Heritage Castles Monopoly

English Heritage’s Castles edition of the world famous Monopoly game is an exciting adventure through some of England’s finest fortifications. Starting from GO, discover English Heritage’s most famous sites, while trying to avoid paying tithe taxes or having to repair your battlements after a siege!

Acquire various castles colour groups to begin building market stalls and barns, increasing the rent and strengthening your purse ready for more acquisitions! Stay sharp- because there’s only room at the top for one. For everyone else, there’s bankruptcy. Compete to take all the sites and become ruler of the kingdom!

English Heritage Cluedo

English Heritage has launched its own creative version of Cluedo to celebrate England’s history and its fantastic sites. Use your detective skills to discover six hidden treasures within nine English Heritage sites, such as Roman coins, the Crown Jewels and the Excalibur sword. The mission will test your ability to use the clues provided to lead you to one of six historical English figures, for instance Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin or Winston Churchill and, to identify their key artefacts. Be the first to uncover these historical items and learn about English history by taking a virtual tour to discover England’s finest treasures across a variety of our sites, including Hadrian’s Wall, Kenilworth Castle and Dover Secret Wartime Tunnels. A great version of the classic Cluedo game to keep the family entertained for hours.

English Heritage Brave Knight Operation Game

The Brave Knight has fallen off his horse and hurt his toe! Whilst his loyal steed waits patiently, your goal is to collect all of the Funatomy pieces and help the knight get back on his feet! It's a silly skill game, and remember - don't set off the buzzer. Our Brave Knight Operation game is great fun for all ages.

English Heritage Guess Who?

Guess Who? This fantastic flip and find two-player game will keep you guessing for hours. This special edition of Guess Who? has been made exclusively for English Heritage using figures that shaped English History.

England would not be the same without the brave knights who fought its battles or the kings and queens who guided its people to glory, but can you guess who your opponent’s mystery person is?

With 48 characters to choose from, make sure you ask the right yes or no questions to discover who your opponent has chosen. Easy to set up the game can be played anywhere with the game trays separated or snap the game trays together to play head-to-head. A great game to exercise your brain through the process of elimination! 

English Heritage Risk Game

England has faced many battles in the past; The Battle of Hastings in 1066, prompting the Norman Conquest; The Second Barons’ War of the Roses in 1471, Securing the throne for Edward IV; Culminating in The Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, where Richard III of the House of York was killed, heralding the end of the Plantagenet dynasty and the birth of the Tudor age.

History Top Trumps Quiz with a Twist

Are you an English history buff? Do you know your castles from your abbeys?  Your Vikings from your Normans? Can you identify the difference between life in a Roman fort and life in a Victorian country house? Can you remember who shut down Rievaulx Abbey? And which famous legendary king is associated with Tintagel Castle?

Take yourself back in time and test your knowledge of England’s past. With 500 questions to answer, it's a great game for all the family, and a great way to learn a little history! With a Top Trumps twist at the end to test your memory, can you remember what you learned just moments ago?

English Heritage People Top Trumps

This special edition People Through History Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about people through time including Stone Age Man, Roman Soldier, Medieval Knight, Pirate and Sailor. But which character wins in the battle of Rich Rating or Criminal Count?

In this Tops Trumps game exclusive to English Heritage any number of people can play. Take it in turns to choose and read aloud an item from the top card (e.g. Social Standing or Skill Score). The other players then read out theirs for the same item. The player with the best or highest value wins and places all the top cards including their own to the bottom of their pile. It is then their turn to choose an item from their next card. Play continues until one person is left with all the Top Trump cards and wins the game. 


Stonehenge Top Trumps 30 Things To See

This special edition Stonehenge Top 30 Things To See Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about the iconic stones of Stonehenge. From the individual stones to artefacts found around  Stonehenge, which has the highest ‘Historical Importance’ and which card wins for the highest level of fame.

English Heritage Castles Top Trumps

This special edition Castles Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about English Heritage’s most famous castles. From Tintagel Castle to Carisbrooke Castle, which has the highest ‘Haunt Factor’ and which place wins for having the highest number of rats?

English Heritage Places Top Trumps

This special edition Places Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about English Heritage places. From Stokesay Castle to Kenwood House, which has the most bedrooms or windows and which place wins the land size rating or year built?

In this Tops Trumps game exclusive to English Heritage any number of people can play. Take it in turns to choose and read aloud an item from the top card (e.g. year built or number of bedrooms). The other players then read out their top card rating. The player with the best or highest value wins and places all the top cards including their own to the bottom of their pile. It is then their turn to choose an item from their next card. Play continues until one person is left with all the Top Trump cards and wins the game. Each card also includes a top trumps fact file containing interesting facts about the place on the card. A fun and educational version of Top Trumps for all the family.

English Heritage Playing Cards - Kings and Queens

Our English Heritage Kings & Queens Playing Cards feature 13 Kings and Queens. The 13 rulers have been designed exclusively for English Heritage and are repeated over the four suits. The pack includes Queen Elizabeth I, Boudicca, Henry VIII, Richard the Lionheart and Queen Victoria among others.

English Heritage Playing Cards - People

Our People English Heritage Playing cards features 13 characters linked to English Heritage properties. The 13 characters have been drawn specially for us by Artist Joseph Witchall and are repeated over the four suits. Characters include Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin, and Emperor Hadrian among others and feature Mah-Jongg the Pet Lemur from Eltham Palace.

English Heritage Playing Cards - Portraits

Add some interest to your card games with our English Heritage Portraits Playing Cards featuring 13 beautiful portraits from English Heritage properties in London. The Portraits include the famous Guitar Player by Vermeer from Kenwood House, Napoleon Bonnepart from Apsley House and Mary Countess Howe, a Gainsborough. They are repeated over the four suits.

English Heritage Playing Cards - Weapons

Our English Heritage Playing cards show war equipment through history. Each card has a different image of a weapon through history drawn specially for this pack of playing cards. The four suits cover different areas; Spades feature land weapons e.g. Vickers light tank; Diamonds, air e.g. Spitfire; Clubs, sea e.g. HMS Ark Royal and Hearts features hand weapons e.g. Bow and Arrow.

English Heritage Playing Cards - English Heritage Sites

Our English Heritage Sites Playing Cards feature 52 of our sites. Each card features a photographic image of a different English Heritage location.

English Heritage Playing Cards - Castles

Make your card games more interesting with our English Heritage Castles Playing cards featuring 52 castles cared for by English Heritage. Each card features a photographic image of a different castle.

Stonehenge Circular Playing Cards

Celebrate the magic of Stonehenge with these circular playing cards exclusive to English Heritage. Showing an aerial view of Stonehenge these playing cards make a great gift or souvenir. 


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