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English Heritage Wine & Mead Guide

A number of our country wines, spirits and meads are made in small batches with great care by the award winning Lyme Bay Winery. These fabulous drinks are inspired by traditional recipes and are created using modern methods to ensure the characteristic flavour of the fruits, flowers and plants are retained. below is more information about each of our fruit wines and our delicious meads. We have also created three drinks recipes using our exlusive English Heritage Mead that you may like to try.

























Heritage Mead

  • Deliciously smooth, this honey based wine has warming overtones
  • An ideal accompaniment for dessert & cheese
  • Perfect to enjoy year round 

Traditional Mead

  • A sweet, deliciously full flavoured honey based wine
  • Traditional Mead is a great accompaniment to strong cheeses and casseroles
  • Best served at room temperature

Chilli Mead

  • Achieved 1 star Great Taste Award 2019
  • Perfect balance of sweet honey with a spicy kick
  • Serve at room temperature and try with hard and strong cheeses, Bolognese and pizza.

Banquet Mead

  • An easy drinking honey based wine with a mellow golden colour and subtle aroma
  • This refreshing drink is a popular tipple throughout the year and is a perfect choice for any celebration

Elderflower Wine

  • An old fashioned off-dry wine with a floral bouquet
  • Perfect for picnics or as a fresh aperitif
  • Best served chilled

Cherry Wine

  • A smooth, full flavoured sweet wine
  • A cherry aroma with a hint of almond
  • Best served at a cool room temperature, a perfect dessert wine

Blackberry Wine

  • A medium wine, bursting with the tangy full flavour and heady aroma of ripe hedgerow fruit
  • This wine is a great companion to a full flavoured berry dessert
  • Best served at room temperature

Elderberry Wine

  • A robust, off-dry red wine that is rich in colour & flavour
  • Superb when served with a full flavoured hard cheese or alternatively alongside red meats & casseroles
  • Serve at room temperature

Strawberry Wine

  • A medium, well balanced wine with a delicate strawberry aroma
  • Serve with soda & fresh mint for a longer, refreshing drink
  • Best served chilled

Ginger Wine

  • A classic, sweet, heart-warming wine bursting with smooth ginger & carrying a kick
  • A great dessert wine best served at room temperature

Nettle Wine

  • A dry, light, crisp wine with nettle and hints of melon & grapefruit
  • Old fashioned and delicious, Nettle Wine is great served chilled as an aperitif or with seafood, chicken & summer salads


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