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Jewellery By Theme

To make shopping online easier, we have separated our jewellery into different themes, so that you can find the perfect piece of jewellery to fit the right person.  From Sarsen stone jewellery, crafted from stone found around Stonehenge, to Art Deco inspired pieces, we are sure to have something that will suit your taste. Read on to discover our top picks from each collection, find out a bit more information about the history behind each collection and find the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one.

Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine is an independent, British company designing and micro-manufacturing original jewellery in the UK. They have gained popularity in recent years and have become very well known for their acrylic jewellery. English Heritage has worked with Tatty Devine to create a range of acrylic jewellery inspired by the ancient stones of Stonehenge. The unique pieces are black and gold in colour with glitter running throughout.   


Sarsen Stone

A distinctive collection of jewellery crafted from the natural beauty of sarsen stone. Sourced from around Stonehenge, this classically designed jewellery will fit into any collection with ease, allowing you to wear a subtle hint of history wherever you go. 


Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our range of mystical Bluestone Jewellery. The distinctive jewellery is crafted in the spotted dolerite that makes up Stonehenge's smaller stones. Found only in Pembrokeshire's Preseli Hills, it is still uncertain how the stone made its way to Stonehenge. The flecked quartz crystals within the hard granite recall the night sky when polished, and in Welsh folklore it is believed to have magical healing powers. All our Bluestone Jewellery is made from authentic Pembrokeshire bluestone mounted in sterling silver settings.

Whitby Jet

Our Whitby Jet Jewellery reveals a history as old as Britain within its sophisticated black walls. The fossilized remains of a tree from the Jurassic age, the shiny black stone has been used since the Bronze Age for jewellery. In Ancient Rome it was worn as a talisman to protect against disease and evil spirits. Brought to prominence at the Great Exhibition in 1851, it became a favourite with many royal patrons, most famously Queen Victoria. All our Whitby Jet Jewellery is made from genuine Whitby Jet, found only in a 7½ mile stretch of Yorkshire.

Art Deco

With its bold designs and vibrant colour palette, the Art Deco aesthetic never goes out of fashion. Our jewellery range evokes the glittering glamour of the era in a collection of exquisite pieces that draws on the motifs of the time, echoing the energy and excitement of the ‘Roaring Twenties’. Choose from beautiful drop earrings to sleek cufflinks, each piece evoking the quintessential style that defines this captivating age.




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