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Wooden Toys

Whether they love to cook just like mum and dad, want to host their own tea party, or if they enjoy creating imaginary stories with knights and castles, your little ones are sure to love our new range of wooden toys.

Activities and play sets

Children are sure to love playing make believe and pretending to be adults with our kitchen set and tool bench. They can also use their imagination to create their own family with our cottontail wooden dolls house and wooden doll family! 


Young, budding historians can let their imaginations run wild with our wooden castle play sets. They can choose from a dragon castle, a castle that is home to wolves or a castle that comes with two armies of knights, ready for battle! 

Food and Kitchenware

Whether they love baking cakes and serving tea, want to make a coffee just like mum and dad, or if they enjoy creating their own smoothie recipes, they are sure to love our food and kitchenware toys. 



Little animal lovers can keep their own pets and make sure all the animals are on Noah's ark before the storm with our selection of wooden animal toys. 

step into England's story