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Clothing & Accessories

Celebrate our great heritage with our t-shirts, hoodies, coats and hats emblazoned with eye-catching logos and typography. For women, we have floral scarves, practical and stylish bags, beautiful purses and lovely scented soaps . For men, there are commemorative cufflinks as well as Barbour accessories and wash bags.

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Stonehenge Blue Hoodie image
Stonehenge Blue Hoodie
Stay warm, snug and ultra cool' in this exclusively designed for English Heritage, Stonehenge printed Hoody. Deep front pouch pockets and double fabric hood for extra protection. Made of a cotton/...

From £32.00

Stonehenge Hearts Ladies Hoodie image
Stonehenge Hearts Ladies Hoodie
Wear your heart on your sleeve (and your chest) with this pretty in pink (and grey) hoodie. A must for anyone who loves Stonehenge's mesmerising ancient stone formation, it is printed on the ...

From £32.00

Stonehenge Baseball Jacket image
Stonehenge Baseball Jacket
Dress up in casual varsity style in our new, exclusive Stonehenge Baseball Jacket. Embroidered on the chest with the initials ‘SH’ and the word ‘Stonehenge’, it’s a great...

From £45.00

Stonehenge Navy Polo Shirt image
Stonehenge Navy Polo Shirt
Dress in a varsity style with our exclusive Stonehenge polo shirt. The initials ‘SH’ are lovingly embroidered onto the front and a trilithon with the word ‘Stonehenge’&nbs...

From £26.00

Stonehenge Illustration V Neck Jumper image
Stonehenge Illustration V Neck Jumper
Show your love for Stonehenge with this Stonehenge Illustration V neck jumper. The black jumper has a simple embroidered trilithon along with the word ‘Stonehenge’ at the chest and has cuf...

From £70.00

Stonehenge Heart Polo Shirt  image
Stonehenge Heart Polo Shirt
Show your love for Stonehenge with this grey heart polo shirt. The shirt features pink embroidery of the word ‘Stonehenge’ on both the front and the sleeve, along with a pink heart moti...

From £26.00

Stonehenge Hearts Tote Bag Grey image
Stonehenge Hearts Tote Bag Grey
Use this Stonehenge Hearts Tote Bag to show your love for the ancient Stonehenge. It's design is modern and stylish with pink accents contrasting against a light grey. Fold it in your handbag as a...


Stonehenge Illustration Fleece Black  image
Stonehenge Illustration Fleece Black
Whether it's a cool summer evening or a cold frosty winter morning, this fleece adds reassuring warmth just when you need it most. Perfect for layering between coats and shirts, or wearing as an o...

From £35.00

Ladies Stonehenge Fleece (Stone) image
Ladies Stonehenge Fleece (Stone)
With the unreliable British weather a fleece is an indispensable piece of clothing. This ladies' fleece has a 300gsm weighting and features Airtrap® technology to keep you warm and snug n...

From £8.75

Darwin Collection: I Think T-Shirt image
Darwin Collection: I Think T-Shirt
Wear a little bit of science on your chest with this original T-shirt sporting Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life illustration, the precursor to his evolution theories outlined in On the Origin of Sp...

From £18.00

Ladies Stonehenge Purple Fleece image
Ladies Stonehenge Purple Fleece
With the unreliable British weather a fleece is an indispensable piece of clothing. This ladies' fleece will keep you warm and snug year round. Wear it as a jacket on a cool summer evening or as a...

From £35.00

Stonehenge Rocks Hoodie Grey image
Stonehenge Rocks Hoodie Grey
Any fan of Stonehenge will love this hoodie! Printed with a new version of our best-selling Stonehenge Rocks design, it is perfect for men and women of all ages. Incorporating a witty play on the word...

From £32.00

Stonehenge Photo Ladies T-Shirt image
Stonehenge Photo Ladies T-Shirt
Twice a year visitors of all ages and from all walks of life flock to Stonehenge to observe the summer and winter solstices. This contemporary styled fitted T-Shirt pays homage to this ancient celebra...

From £20.00

Stonehenge Photo T-Shirt image
Stonehenge Photo T-Shirt
The magnificent sight of the sun rising behind the stones at Stonehenge is captured beautifully in the striking image on this T-Shirt. Celebrating the beauty and power of the sun, this Stonehenge T...

From £20.00

Children's I Conquered the Steps T-Shirt image
Children's I Conquered the Steps T-Shirt
Give youngsters a lasting memory of their visit to Cornwall’s magical Tintagel Castle with one of our exclusive t-shirts. They make the perfect souvenirs for any young visitor to English Heritag...

From £3.00

Stonehenge Est. 3000 BC Navy T-Shirt image
Stonehenge Est. 3000 BC Navy T-Shirt
Stylish fashion and classic red t-shirt come together featuring a blue, screen printed 'Stonehenge EST.3,000 BC' on chest. Machine washable 100% cotton, for cool, comfortable wear ...

From £20.00

Children's Stonehenge Rocks Hoodie image
Children's Stonehenge Rocks Hoodie
Put the cool back into history for kids with this vibrant red hoodie celebrating Stonehenge, one of the world's most visited ancient monuments. Printed with a silhouette of the mesmerising stones ...

From £24.00

Stonehenge Rocks T-Shirt - Black image
Stonehenge Rocks T-Shirt - Black
Rock 'n'  roll graphics celebrate one of England's greatest monuments. Pay homage to the magical beauty of Stonehenge with this striking T-Shirt. The stones set against a magnificent ...

From £20.00

Lights Out Hoodie image
Lights Out Hoodie
Remember World War II with this Lights Out Hoodie. The hoodie is printed with the words ‘Lights out!’ along with images of clock faces and the words ‘WWII Blackout 1939-1945’. ...

From £32.00

Stonehenge Unisex Zipped Hoodie image
Stonehenge Unisex Zipped Hoodie
Made exclusively for English Heritage to celebrate one of England's most popular ancient monuments, this unisex zipped hoodie is printed on the left chest with 'Stonehenge 3000BC'. This li...

From £32.00

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