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We have an extensive collection of titles that aim to bring history to your fingertips. Our books cover a broad range of interests, from buildings and archaeology to sport and industry. You’ll also find the distinctive English Heritage Guidebooks for an in-depth look at some of the country’s greatest sites. 

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London: A Three-Dimensional Expanding City Skyline image
London: A Three-Dimensional Expanding City Skyline
Presented in a beautiful slipcase, this stunning memento features twelve of London's most famous sites: Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, The Hous...


Hadrian's Wall Path Map image
Hadrian's Wall Path Map
A waterproof map that follows the path along Hadrian’s Wall. Lightweight and durable, this map is the perfect companion to bring with you on a visit to one of our historic sites along the famous...


Ordnance Survey Hadrian's Wall Map image
Ordnance Survey Hadrian's Wall Map
Discover over 2000 years of history and walk in the footsteps of the Romans with the Explorer OL 43, a detailed Ordnance Survey map which takes in a large section of Hadrian's Wall and some of the...


John Madin image
John Madin
John Madin was the indisputable master of post-war architecture in Birmingham. The work of Madin and his associates had a profound influence on the reshaping of the city after the war, producing some ...

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The Language of Flowers image
The Language of Flowers
'A flower is not a flower alone; A thousand thoughts invest it' All over the world, flowers are an integral part of human culture whether it is the perfect table centre for a wedding, a bea...


Alphonse and the Stonehenge Mystery image
Alphonse and the Stonehenge Mystery
The famous stones of Stonehenge are being stolen to order, pulled from the ground like giant teeth; but who is behind the thefts? And why do they want the stones? Alphonse le Flic, eminent detective, ...


Stonehenge and Avebury Map image
Stonehenge and Avebury Map
Stonehenge and Avebury. Exploring the World Heritage Site. Map 1:10 000 Scale. Ideal for walkers and anyone wishing to explore the fascinating landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury A UNESCO World ...


Spoonfuls of Honey image
Spoonfuls of Honey
Just as honeybees are found all over the world so are recipes that use their honey. Caribbean jerk, Spanish chicken, French sauces, British biscuits and Turkish cakes all gleam with the sweet stuff. I...


Kings and Queens sticker book image
Kings and Queens sticker book
A special, Diamond Jubilee edition of this gloriously illustrated sticker book featuring over 100 stickers with portraits of British kings and queens from the 10th century to the present day. Child...


50 Things to Spot in London image
50 Things to Spot in London
A pack of pocket-sized cards showing fifty of London's famous landmarks. Each card has a coloured illustration of a famous building or place, with a detailed description and interesting facts o...


Guidebook: Aydon Castle image
Guidebook: Aydon Castle
Overlooking the valley of the Cor Burn in Northumberland, Aydon Castle is an outstanding surviving example of a 13th century English manor house. It was built by Robert de Raymes, a prosperous Ipswich...


Guidebook: Minster Lovell Hall image
Guidebook: Minster Lovell Hall
The ruins of Minster Lovell Hall are situated in a picturesque spot on the banks of the River Windrush, about half way between Witney and Burford. The house was built in the first half of the 15th cen...


Guidebook: Tilbury Fort image
Guidebook: Tilbury Fort
Tilbury Fort was built in the late 17th century to prevent hostile ships from sailing up the Thames, and is one of the finest surviving examples of a low-profiled artillery fort in the country. There ...


Guidebook: Wenlock Priory image
Guidebook: Wenlock Priory
The beautiful ruins of Wenlock Priory have a colourful history, beginning in the 7th century when St Milburge became abbess and brought Wenlock fame through the miracles she performed. In the 11th cen...


Guidebook: Thornton Abbey image
Guidebook: Thornton Abbey
Founded by the powerful magnate William le Gros in 1139, Thornton Abbey became one of the richest Augustinian monasteries in England. Its splendid 14th century gatehouse reflects its enormous wealth a...


Guidebook: Scarborough Castle image
Guidebook: Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Castle stands on a massive promontory of rock that rises above the North Sea. The site has been intermittently inhabited and fortified for nearly 3,000 years. With its own anchorage, now t...


The Origin of Species by Natural Selection image
The Origin of Species by Natural Selection
With his revolutionary work The Origin of Species Charles Darwin overthrew contemporary beliefs about Divine Providence and the beginnings of life on earth. Written for the general public of the 18...


Greatest Knight image
Greatest Knight
Based on fact, this is the story of William Marshal, the greatest knight of the Middle Ages, unsurpassed in the tourneys, adeptly manoeuvring through the colourful, dangerous world of Angevin politics...


Practical Building Conservation: Timber image
Practical Building Conservation: Timber
This volume, Timber, deals with wide-ranging use of the material in historic buildings, from vast structural timber-frames through to high-class joinery and simple fixings. Particular attention is pai...


Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing image
Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing
Processes causing deterioration, and the practical application and long-term implications of common conservation materials and methods as well as of alterations to improve performance. Contents: Ab...


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