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We have an extensive collection of titles that aim to bring history to your fingertips. Our books cover a broad range of interests, from buildings and archaeology to sport and industry. You’ll also find the distinctive English Heritage Guidebooks for an in-depth look at some of the country’s greatest sites. 

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Guidebook: Audley End image
Guidebook: Audley End
‘The rooms are high and hung with beautiful tapestries: the beds amply decorated with golden velvet and silk bed hangings and covers.’ From the account of the visit of Johann Ernst, Duk...


The Origin of Species by Natural Selection image
The Origin of Species by Natural Selection
With his revolutionary work The Origin of Species Charles Darwin overthrew contemporary beliefs about Divine Providence and the beginnings of life on earth. Written for the general public of the 18...


Greatest Knight image
Greatest Knight
Based on fact, this is the story of William Marshal, the greatest knight of the Middle Ages, unsurpassed in the tourneys, adeptly manoeuvring through the colourful, dangerous world of Angevin politics...


Practical Building Conservation: Timber image
Practical Building Conservation: Timber
This volume, Timber, deals with wide-ranging use of the material in historic buildings, from vast structural timber-frames through to high-class joinery and simple fixings. Particular attention is pai...


Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing image
Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing
Processes causing deterioration, and the practical application and long-term implications of common conservation materials and methods as well as of alterations to improve performance. Contents: Ab...


Practical Building Conservation: Stone image
Practical Building Conservation: Stone
This volume, Stone, considers the wide variety of historical uses, from simple masonry walling through to elaborate carving and decoration. The book considers why stone decays or fails and how to asse...


Practical Building Conservation: Roofing image
Practical Building Conservation: Roofing
This volume, Roofing, looks at traditional roof coverings used on historic buildings. Many materials and systems have been used to provide roof coverings, and the book provides information about their...


Practical Building Conservation: Conservation Basics image
Practical Building Conservation: Conservation Basics
The past is never dead. In fact, it's not even past (William Faulkner 1879-1962). The past, in other words, lives in the present. Historic buildings and places are an integral part of our col...


Practical Building Conservation: Concrete image
Practical Building Conservation: Concrete
Despite some public antipathy towards its appearance and concerns about its longevity and environmental impact, the importance of concrete to the nation's architectural heritage is gradually being...


The Lemurs Tale image
The Lemurs Tale
A ring-tailed lemur is stowed away on a boat from Madagascar, and eventually ends up in the home of an eccentric but dysfunctional family. His night-time antics cause confusion, as he nibbles on the f...


The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol image
The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol
This study, covering the period c.1000 to c.1800, is of the medieval and early modern houses of Bristol, England’s second city in the later Middle Ages and again in the 18th century. Based partl...


London Under image
London Under
London Under is an atmospheric, imaginative introduction to everything that goes on under London, from original springs and streams and Roman amphitheatres to Victorian sewers, gang hideouts and moder...


Guidebook: Wernher Collection at Ranger's House image
Guidebook: Wernher Collection at Ranger's House
This unique art collection formed by Julius Wernher, is now displayed at Ranger's House, Blackheath. It presents an extraordinary wealth of medieval, Renaissance and later works of art, including ...


Guidebook: Upnor Castle image
Guidebook: Upnor Castle
Upnor Castle was built by order of Elizabeth I in 1559 on the banks of the Medway, in Kent. Its purpose was to defend the royal fleet and its new dockyard developing near the village of Chatham, just ...


Guidebook: Norham Castle image
Guidebook: Norham Castle
Built in the 12th century by a Bishop of Durham, the huge bulk of Norham Castle commands a strong, defensive position above the River Tweed. After withstanding repeated attacks during the 13th and 14t...


Guidebook: Wall Roman Site image
Guidebook: Wall Roman Site
The Roman town at Wall was an important staging-post on Watling Street, one of the main roads in Roman Britain. The guest house and bath house, the remains of which are still visible today, were used ...


Guidebook: Temple Manor image
Guidebook: Temple Manor
Temple Manor's fine stone hall was built in about 1230 by the Knights Templar, providing lodgings and an administrative centre. After the Templars were suppressed in the early 14th century, the ma...


Guidebook: Totnes Castle image
Guidebook: Totnes Castle
Totnes Castle was built in the early years of the Norman Conquest to dominate the Saxon town of Totnes and the crossing over the River Dart. It was almost certainly constructed by Juhel, one of Willia...


Guidebook: Okehampton Castle image
Guidebook: Okehampton Castle
For 500 years after its Norman beginnings, Okehampton Castle served as a dramatic symbol of the power of its owners. The impressive castle ruins, high on their spur overlooking the valley of the River...


Guidebook: Medieval Bishops' Palace, Lincoln image
Guidebook: Medieval Bishops' Palace, Lincoln
The Palace of Medieval Bishops of Lincoln was one of the most impressive buildings of the Middle Ages. The bishops were great princes of the Church and the palace reflected their power and influences....


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