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General Interest

We have a wide range of books on a vast number of subjects ranging from archaeology of ancient sites through to the modern piers of Britain’s sea side towns.

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Pests in Houses Great and Small image
Pests in Houses Great and Small
Pests can be damaging, annoying or even dangerous, causing untold damage to precious possessions and even the structure of buildings themselves. This new English Heritage guide focuses on these destru...


Gothic Whitby image
Gothic Whitby
This fascinating volume celebrates every aspect of Whitby's Gothic past. With a detailed exploration of the town's connection with Dracula (including historical events such as the beaching of ...


A History of Britain in 21 Women image
A History of Britain in 21 Women
They were famous queens, unrecognised visionaries, great artists and trailblazing politicians. They all pushed back boundaries and revolutionised our world. Jenni Murray presents the history of Britai...


Eleanor of Aquitaine image
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine was one of the leading personalities of the Middle Ages and also one of the most controversial. She was beautiful, intelligent and wilful, and in her lifetime there were ...


Dido Belle: The True Story Behind the Movie image
Dido Belle: The True Story Behind the Movie
In one of the most famous portraits in the world, a pretty girl is seated in the grounds of Kenwood House, a vision of aristocratic refinement. But the eye is drawn to the beautiful woman on her right...


Emma Darwin: The Wife of an Inspirational Genius image
Emma Darwin: The Wife of an Inspirational Genius
When Charles Darwin published the origin of species in 1859 his place in history was assured, but of his wife Emma little was known. Charles and Emma – Both grandchildren of Josiah Wedgwood- mar...


Boudicca image
Boudicca (Boadicea), Leader of the Iceni, is synonymous with rebellion and feminine strength, yet what we know of her is often far removed from the time in which she lived and the early authors who fi...


Traditional Crafts and Industries in East Anglia image
Traditional Crafts and Industries in East Anglia
East Anglia is an area of England renowned for its wide horizons, vast skies and extensive areas of wetland a place where the land, sea and sky are beautifully intermingled. Hallam Ashley, a talented ...


Built to Brew image
Built to Brew
Beer has been brewed in England since Neolithic times, and this book combines a thoroughly enjoyable exploration of beer's history and built heritage with new in-depth research into the nuts and b...


Aerofilms image
The Aerofilms Collection embodies all that is exciting about aerial photography - including historic shots of well known British landmarks taken at exceptionally low altitudes Provi...


British Seaside Piers image
British Seaside Piers
The seaside pier is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the British holiday resort and for many of us it is the epitome of excursions to the seaside. No two piers are the same, ranging as they do from t...


Dangerous Energy image
Dangerous Energy
This book comprises a national study of the explosives industry and provides a framework for identification of its industrial archaeology and social history. Few monuments of gunpowder manufacture ...


Licensed to Sell image
Licensed to Sell
This is a revised edition of English Heritage's widely acclaimed study of that great British institution, the public house. First published in 2004, this was described as the best history of the p...


Blackpool's Seaside Heritage image
Blackpool's Seaside Heritage
Blackpool is Britain's favourite seaside resort. Each year millions of visitors come to walk on its three piers, ride donkeys, enjoy shows at the Winter Gardens, scream on the thrilling rides at t...


The Building of England image
The Building of England
From awe-inspiring Norman castles, to the homes we live in, Simon Thurley explores how the architecture of this small island influenced the world. The Building of England puts into context the sign...


Cold War image
Cold War
The historical and cultural aspects of the Cold War have been much studied, yet its physical manifestations in England its buildings and structures have remained largely unknown. To the great lands...


Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland image
Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland
Key Features Expanded and updated gazetteer and guide to sites of Jewish Heritage across Britain and Ireland Easy to use, covering more than 350 buildings and sites Packed with colour photog...


Crafted in Britain image
Crafted in Britain
Crafted in Britain is a celebration of Britain's traditional crafts and industries that have survived into the modern world, not as museums but on their merits. In an age of increasing automation ...


Chamberlin, Powell & Bon image
Chamberlin, Powell & Bon
Chamberlin, Powell and Bon are the architects behind London's epic Barbican development - this is the first published study of their work. The book contains stunning photography, plans and pr...


Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution image
Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution
Ditherington Mill in Shrewsbury is rightly celebrated as having the first iron-framed building in the world. Its highly innovative structure provided a fireproof environment for industrial processes a...


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