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Practical Building Conservation

Since the original series of Practical Building Conservation appeared in 1988, it has become a standard reference for those caring for historic buildings large and small: essential reading for architects, surveyors and building managers, as well as conservators. Ashgate Publishing and English Heritage are now publishing an update to this seminal series. The new series has not only been updated to cover the latest techniques and materials, but has been greatly expanded and copiously illustrated.

Practical Building Conservation image
Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing image
Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing
Processes causing deterioration, and the practical application and long-term implications of common conservation materials and methods as well as of alterations to improve performance. Contents: Ab...


Practical Building Conservation: Metals image
Practical Building Conservation: Metals
This volume, Metals, deals with the conservation of a group of materials that have been used in buildings for everything from structural components and fixings to weatherproofing, repairs, and decorat...


Practical Building Conservation: Concrete image
Practical Building Conservation: Concrete
Despite some public antipathy towards its appearance and concerns about its longevity and environmental impact, the importance of concrete to the nation's architectural heritage is gradually being...


Practical Building Conservation: Earth Brick & Terracotta image
Practical Building Conservation: Earth Brick & Terracotta
These two volumes, Earth, Brick and Terracotta, deals with fired and unfired clay products. It considers their technological evolution, the processes causing deterioration and how these should be...


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