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Music and film collections that inform and entertain, bringing alive key periods in England's colourful history. Exclusive music CD compilations span the centuries and captivating DVDs take the viewer on a fascinating historical journey, with great biopics, original documentaries and blockbuster movies.

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The Young Victoria - DVD image
The Young Victoria - DVD
From Academy Award winners Graham King and Martin Scorsese comes the story of Queen Victoria's early rise to power. From an object of a royal power-struggle in to her romantic courtship and legend...


Creation - DVD image
Creation - DVD
Director Jon Amiel's biopic explores the crisis of faith suffered by evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany). About to publish the book that would question God's role in creation,...


Music for Dad's Army (2CD) image
Music for Dad's Army (2CD)
Enjoy the unforgettable Dad's Army theme tune along with tracks featured in the ever popular television series. On disc 2 there's a wonderful selection of favourite wartime songs by stars...


Anne Boleyn's Songbook - 2CD image
Anne Boleyn's Songbook - 2CD
Choral ensemble Alamire explore the finest works in Anne Boleyn's Songbook by the greatest composers of the early 16th century, including Compère, Brumel, Mouton, and Josquin. Performances ...

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Sanctus (Music for Quiet Contemplation) - CD image
Sanctus (Music for Quiet Contemplation) - CD
The Venerable Bede informs us in passing of musical activity in the monasteries of Northern England: 'all those present at a feast took it in turns to sing and entertain the company', and he r...


Music from Tudor England - CD image
Music from Tudor England - CD
Step back in time and experience the atmosphere of the Tudor court. This 27 track CD captures the authentic performances of love songs, madrigals, dances and choral music from the favourite composers ...


Celtic Inspirations - CD image
Celtic Inspirations - CD
A Soothing new arrangements of Celtic songs and musicEnjoy the peaceful and relaxing sounds of these contemporary arrangements of Celtic songs. This new recording mixes lilting vocals with the restful...


CD Sophistication image
CD Sophistication
An exclusive selection of 21 tracks featuring songs from the sophisticated thirties. Includes well-known favourites written by Cole Porter and George Gershwin and sung by stars of the day including Fr...


Cheek To Cheek - CD image
Cheek To Cheek - CD
Cheek to Cheek is an enjoyable collection of dance music from the twenties and thirties . Classic songs with sophisticated tunes, sung by some of the most famous names in the business including Fred A...


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