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Ships of the Port of London: First to Eleventh Centuries AD image
Ships of the Port of London: First to Eleventh Centuries AD
This report is the first full study of the remains of ships and boats used in the port of London from the first to the eleventh century AD. Using evidence from the vessels, from the waterfronts, and f...

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Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire image
Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire
Aerial reconnaissance and the National Mapping Programme project in Northamptonshire have recovered and mapped evidence of archaeological activity of widely varying character, from field systems throu...

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Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England image
Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England
A programme of excavation and survey directed by Roger Mercer between 1974 and 1986 demonstrated that Hambledon was the site of an exceptionally large and diverse complex of earlier Neolithic earthwor...

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The Wessex Hillforts Project image
The Wessex Hillforts Project
The earthwork forts that crown many hills in Southern England are among the largest and most dramatic of the prehistoric features that still survive in our modern rural landscape. The Wessex Hillforts...

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Historic Airports image
Historic Airports
The realisation of mankind's age-old dream of flight is probably one of the collective adventures that best characterises the century we have just left, its greatest novelty. In the space of only ...

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Europe's Deadly Century image
Europe's Deadly Century
In the course of Europe's twentieth century, freedoms were won at the cost of terrible sacrifice. The physical remains of war, conflict and ideological struggle lie everywhere around us. The quest...

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Smoke-Blackened Thatch image
Smoke-Blackened Thatch
A unique source of late medieval plant remains from Southern England. This publication assesses the archaeobotanical significance of late medieval Smoke Blackened Thatch (SBT) - the best preserved sou...

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The Dover Bronze Age Boat image
The Dover Bronze Age Boat
In 1992 the perfectly preserved remains of a large prehistoric, sewn plank boat were discovered buried six metres below the streets of Dover in SE England. The boat has been dated to c 150 BC and is o...

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From Genesis to Prehistory image
From Genesis to Prehistory
We are now familiar with the Three Age System, the archaeological partitioning of the past into Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. This division, which amounted at the time to a major scientific rev...

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