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Englishness Books

Our range of Englishness books explore how England and the English have been shaped by geography, climate, language and the coming together of different people and cultures over time.

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Icons Of England image
Icons Of England
Bill Bryson invented over ninety of our best loved writers, broadcasters and commentators to pick their ‘icons of England’. The resulting celebration of the English countryside is an ...


Watching The English image
Watching The English
In this completely revised and updated edition of international bestseller Watching The English, anthropologist Kate Fox takes a revealing look at the quirks, habits and foibles of the English people....


The Book Of English Place Names image
The Book Of English Place Names
Legend has it that Cornwall was named after a Trojan hero Corineus, who supposedly rid the area of a giant, throwing his victim over a cliff still known as a Giant’s Leap. Ipswitch used to be...


English: A Story Of Marmite, Queuing And Weather  image
English: A Story Of Marmite, Queuing And Weather
Beginning at the top of a muddy Gloucestershire slope at the Coopers Hill cheese-rolling contest and traversing a landscape of lawns and queues, coastlines and sporting arenas, Ben Fogle takes us on a...


The Wicked Wit Of England image
The Wicked Wit Of England
If there is one thing that first-time visitors to England find mystifying - along with our fondness for eating chips out of old newspapers, our nostalgia for the shipping forecast (even though most of...


Who Do The English Think They are? image
Who Do The English Think They are?
The English are often confused about who they are. They say 'British' when they mean 'English', and 'English' when they should say 'British'. And when England, more tha...


An English Year image
An English Year
We’re Aman, Victoria, Amelia, Tandi and George- and we’re ready to take you on a journey through twelve months in the life of English kids. Enjoy festivals and events, games and sports, fl...


The English And Their History image
The English And Their History
If a nation is a group of people with a sense of kinship, a political identity and representative institutions, then the English have a claim to be the oldest nation in the world. They first came into...


Engel's England image
Engel's England
England, says Matthew Engel, is the most complicated place in the world. And, as he travels through each of the historic English counties, he discovers that's just the start of it. Every county is...


The Old Dog & Duck image
The Old Dog & Duck
After much research about (and in) pubs, Albert Jack brings together the stories behind pub names to reveal how they offer fascinating and subversive insights on our history, customs, attitudes and jo...


Mother Tongue image
Mother Tongue
Only Bill Bryson could make a book about the English language so entertaining. With his boundless enthusiasm and restless eye for the absurd, this is his astonishing tour of English. From its mongrel ...


Monarchs Of England Flashcards image
Monarchs Of England Flashcards
From King Athelstan to Queen Elizabeth II, this deck of all 59 English monarchs effortlessly tells a story that spans more than 1,000 years. Featuring portraits from prestigious galleries like the Nat...


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