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Books & Media

English Heritage publishes fascinating and authoritative books on all aspects of England's rich history. Buildings, cities, seaside resorts, architects, archaeology, sport and industry are just some of the subjects covered.

Our English Heritage Guidebooks visit some of our country's greatest sites, combining in-depth history with tours, maps and other useful information. We also have some great history books for children of all ages, from colourful pictorial guides our Englsih Heritage exclusive ‘Mr. Men The Great British Tour’.

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Bram Stoker Horror Stories image
Bram Stoker Horror Stories
Dublin-born Bram Stoker lived in London, meeting other notable authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde. Apart from the ground-breaking Dracula, Stoker wrote supernatural horror short storie...


Dracula Toy Theatre image
Dracula Toy Theatre
This box holds within it a magnificent secret. Once assembled – an easy thing involving only a little tape – its contents allows you to present the three-act drama Dracula, complete with a...


Victoria and Albert image
Victoria and Albert
The second tie-in to ITV drama Victoria unveils the complex, passionate relationship of Victoria and Albert. What happened after the Queen married her handsome prince? Did they live happily ever afte...


Mr. Men Adventure With Knights image
Mr. Men Adventure With Knights
There is a medieval tournament at Sir Lance’s castle and Mr. Uppity and his friends are invited. How will the Mr. Men fare with the heavy armour, jousting and sword fighting and will they rise t...


RHS Gardening Month By Month image
RHS Gardening Month By Month
Find out how to make your garden beautiful from January to December with this pocket-sized favourite about how to garden month by month from the experts at the RHS, now fully up to date and revised. ...


How To Be A Tudor image
How To Be A Tudor
The real Wolf Hall - a time traveller's guide to daily life in Tudor England The Tudor era encompasses some of the greatest changes in our history. But while we know about the historical dramas of...


The Celts: Search For A Civilization image
The Celts: Search For A Civilization
The Celts are one of the world's most mysterious ancient people. In this compelling account, Alice Roberts takes us on a journey across Europe, uncovering the truth about this enigmatic tribe: the...


The Celtic Design Book image
The Celtic Design Book
This bumper edition of Aidan Meehan’s practical guide to the art and design of the Celts brings together three of his bestselling titles, a beginner’s manual, knotwork and illuminated lett...


Dad's Army the movie Original - DVD image
Dad's Army the movie Original - DVD
Captain Mainwaring and his men create comedy mayhem when they go on manoeuvres with other military companies under the eyes of a real Major-General. The result is disaster after disaster... After the ...


The War Poets - An Anthology image
The War Poets - An Anthology
Over 80 moving and powerful poems, including works by Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Brooke and W. B. Yeats. Key Features: Hardback Published: 2009 144 pages  ...


Kings and Queens - Collins Gem image
Kings and Queens - Collins Gem
Fascinating facts about the kings and queens of Scotland Ireland, England and Wales. Includes Genealogical charts for the different royal houses. Information begins with the ancient British chiefs and...


I Never Knew That About England image
I Never Knew That About England
This is the ultimate journey around England. Christopher Winn takes us to each county, to see where history happened, where people and ideas were born, where dreams took flight and where men and women...


Dracula - Oxford World's Classics image
Dracula - Oxford World's Classics
The most famous of all vampire stories, Dracula remains a compelling read, rattling along at break-neck speed, a true page-turner. Here is a new edition of one of the great horror stories in English l...


Dracula - Macmillan Collector's Library image
Dracula - Macmillan Collector's Library
When Jonathan Harker is summoned to Transylvania to finalize a property deal for the mysterious Count Dracula, he stumbles upon an ancient evil he is unprepared to face. When that evil escapes to Engl...


Discovering Abbeys and Priories  image
Discovering Abbeys and Priories
What exactly is an abbey and does it differ from a priory? This book clarifies the seeming confusion by answering these questions and much more besides. This new edition, in a larger format, includes ...


Stonehenge Solstice CD image
Stonehenge Solstice CD
Music from two millennia comes together in Solstice, from ancient chant to music specially commissioned. Astonishing compositions breathe new life into ancient instruments – hurdy-gurdy, oboe an...


Stonehenge: A musical journey into the past CD image
Stonehenge: A musical journey into the past CD
Specially composed music to celebrate the mystery and wonder of Stonehenge - a personal interpretation of the ‘spirit of place’. Electronics and sampled instruments form the backbone to th...


Transformers The Last Knight - DVD image
Transformers The Last Knight - DVD
From Director Michael Bay and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg comes the biggest, most explosive Transformers yet. Our world's greatest hero becomes our fiercest enemy when Optimus Prime launch...


RAF 100 - The Official Story image
RAF 100 - The Official Story
RAF 100 celebrates and commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the Royal Air Force. In association with the RAF and with unique access to their historic archives, the world-renowned broadcaster James...


Mead: The Libations, Legends, and Lore of History's Oldest Drink image
Mead: The Libations, Legends, and Lore of History's Oldest Drink
Beloved by figures as diverse as Queen Elizabeth and Thor, the Vikings and the Greek gods, mead is one of history's most storied beverages. But this mixture of fermented honey isn't just a r...


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