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Our best-selling collectables bring history to life. Exceptionally detailed replicas spanning the centuries make treasured keepsakes for years to come. Designed for display in a special place and beautifully hand-crafted, they include steel-bladed swords, reproduction armour and more.

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Excalibur Sword image
Excalibur Sword
Excalibur (meaning to 'cut steel') was the great sword of King Arthur which 'gave light like 30 torches'. In the Arthurian stories, the name is given to two different swords - the one ...


Heraldic Goblet image
Heraldic Goblet
Enjoy a drink at your medieval banquet with the heraldic goblet. A great decorative piece or talking point at dinner, the goblet makes a great gift; fit for a king. Key Features: Made from st...


Seax Of Beagnoth image
Seax Of Beagnoth
It is a prestige weapon, decorated with elaborate patterns of inlaid copper, bronze and silver wire. On one side of the blade is the only known complete inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Sa...


Beowulf Helmet image
Beowulf Helmet
Beowulf is the oldest surviving epic poem in Old English and is commonly cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature. The full poem survives in the manuscript known as the Nowel...


Sir William Marshal Sword image
Sir William Marshal Sword
Sir William Marshal was one of England's most famous knights and described by the Archbishop of Canterbury as the "best knight that ever lived". He served 4 kings including Richard the L...


Whitby Abbey Hanging Decoration image
Whitby Abbey Hanging Decoration
Hang this decoration in a window, on a pin board or Christmas tree to remember your visit to Whitby Abbey. Highly detailed, the decoration depicts the famous abbey with its many windows. As a souvenir...

Was £3.00 Sale Price £2.00

Mini WW1 Model Helmet image
Mini WW1 Model Helmet
Few things are more recognisable from the First World War than the German ‘Pickelhauben’ worn by Kaiser Wilhelm’s men. The Pickelhaube was first designed in the mid-19th Century b...

Was £7.50 Sale Price £6.00

Templar Sword image
Templar Sword
The Knights Templar were a powerful crusading order of knights founded in the 11th Century with many of their number recruited from England and France. There are many Templar castles and churches thro...


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