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Immerse yourself in Britain’s fascinating history with our range of collectable gifts. Spanning the Stone Age to the present day, you can choose from beautifully detailed models, authentic replica armour, impressive pieces of weaponry and exclusive souvenirs of our English Heritage sites. These unusual curios make the perfect gift for the collector in your family, to be enjoyed for years to come.

Collectables image
Mini Me Dracula Model image
Mini Me Dracula Model
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Mini Me Dracula Model. Bram Stoker took inspiration from the historical abbey while writing his novel, Dracula. Here, the famous vampire is depicted w...


King Arthur On Horseback Model image
King Arthur On Horseback Model
Remember the legend of King Arthur with this bronze coloured model. The model depicts the famous king riding proudly on a horse while wearing a suit of armour, cloak and crown. The king is also holdin...


Gallos Statue - Large image
Gallos Statue - Large
Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, historic kings and the rich royal history of Tintagel, Gallos stands tall on the headland at Tintagel Castle. The figure of a king watches over his realm and the...


Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon  image
Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon
Bring a piece of Stonehenge into the home with this Stonehenge Bronze Cast Trilithon. Depicting the texture and shape of the large trilithon stones, this model makes a lovely display piece in the home...


Small Brown Chessboard With Marquetry Details image
Small Brown Chessboard With Marquetry Details
Challenge your friends and family to a classic game of chess with this chessboard. The chessboard is slightly smaller than a traditional board, with each side measuring at 13.75 inches. Hand crafted f...


Celtic & Viking Hand Painted Chess Pieces image
Celtic & Viking Hand Painted Chess Pieces
Based on the characteristics of the Celts and Vikings during the battle of Clontarf in 1014AD, these handmade chess pieces are truly unique collector’s items. The hand crafted pieces are produce...


Stonehenge Medallion Bottle Cap Opener Keyring  image
Stonehenge Medallion Bottle Cap Opener Keyring
Always be prepared at picnics, barbeques and parties with this Stonehenge Bottle opener keyring. The keyring is shaped like a bottle top, has a bottle opener on the reverse and it features English Her...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world. We shall never know why hundreds of people struggled over a great many years to build this fascinating monument. Showing Stonehenge as it ...


Mini Me Model Merlin  image
Mini Me Model Merlin
Take home a piece of magical history with this Mini Me Merlin Model. Here, the famous wizard is depicted with a long beard, purple hat and blue robes. He is also holding onto his magical staff and has...


Stonehenge Snow Globe Large  image
Stonehenge Snow Globe Large
Stonehenge stands as a powerful witness to the once great civilization of the Stone and Bronze Ages, between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. See it in the snow by simply shaking this charming snow globe - ...


Mini Me Model Arthur image
Mini Me Model Arthur
Remember your trip to Tintagel castle and take home a piece of history with his Mini Me Arthur Model. Legend has it that Arthur was conceived thanks to the magic of Merlin inside of a cave at Tintagel...


Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees image
Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees
This Stonehenge Golf Ball and Tee set makes the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about playing golf. The ball itself is printed with English Heritage’s exclusive illustration of the Tr...


Sutton Hoo Helmet image
Sutton Hoo Helmet
The Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of only four known surviving Anglo-Saxon helmets. The original is now on display in the British Museum. It was made from iron with tinned-bronze decorative plates and is t...


Holy Grail Goblet image
Holy Grail Goblet
Drink to history with this Holy Grail Goblet. Taking inspiration from the Holy Grail, a relic that was said to be used at Jesus’ last supper, this goblet is a great historical addition to any di...


Roman Hand Painted Chess Pieces image
Roman Hand Painted Chess Pieces
Remembering some of the most iconic symbols of the Roman empire, this set of chess pieces makes a very special gift for a history lover. The pieces are crafted from polystone resin and are handmade in...


Close Helm image
Close Helm
Our Close Helm is constructed from 18 gauge steel and features a separate visor and bevor, both of which are hinged and can be raised and lowered. It has an adjustable leather spider liner and buckled...


Build Your Own Model Stonehenge image
Build Your Own Model Stonehenge
Recreate the famous stone circle with this Build Your Own Model Stonehenge. Designed to replicate Stonehenge as it would have looked when it was first built around 3100BC, this unique model is a fun a...


Stonehenge Medallion Spinning Keyring image
Stonehenge Medallion Spinning Keyring
Take home a souvenir of a visit to Stonehenge with this spinning keyring. The middle piece of the keyring spins around featuring the same design on the reverse. English Heritage’s exclusive meda...


Mini Me Model Beefeater image
Mini Me Model Beefeater
Remember your trip to the tower of London with this Beefeater Mini Me Model. Here the beefeater is depicted in a full red and gold uniform with a black hat and weapon in hand. This model is cast in re...


Merlin Bronze Model image
Merlin Bronze Model
Remember the legend of Merlin with this highly detailed bronze coloured model. Cast in resin, the model shows the famous wizard battling strong winds while holding onto his magical staff. This highly ...


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