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Preserve the memory of our great historical sites with one of our collectable souvenirs. Visitors to English Heritage sites will find keyrings, magnets, mugs, and more. Celebrating some of the greatest periods in history, we also have replicas of ancient drinking vessels, reproduction sword letter openers and Mini Me Models that remember some of the most iconic people throughout history.

Souvenirs image
Gallos Statue - Large image
Gallos Statue - Large
Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, historic kings and the rich royal history of Tintagel, Gallos stands tall on the headland at Tintagel Castle. The figure of a king watches over his realm and the...


Holy Grail Goblet image
Holy Grail Goblet
Drink to history with this Holy Grail Goblet. Taking inspiration from the Holy Grail, a relic that was said to be used at Jesus’ last supper, this goblet is a great historical addition to any di...


Mini Me Model Land Girl image
Mini Me Model Land Girl
Remember the important role of The Women’s Land Army in WWII with this Land Girl Mini Me Model. The Women’s Land Army contributed to Britain’s land cultivation while many male agricu...


Raven Skull Model image
Raven Skull Model
Add a piece of gothic décor into your home with this raven skull model. The skull features engraved quotes from the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘The Raven’, making it the perfect gi...


Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon  image
Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon
Bring a piece of Stonehenge into the home with this Stonehenge Bronze Cast Trilithon. Depicting the texture and shape of the large trilithon stones, this model makes a lovely display piece in the home...


Mini Me Model Churchill image
Mini Me Model Churchill
Celebrate the history of Winston Churchill and all he did for Britain with this Mini Me Model. Here, Churchill is wearing his iconic hat, spotted bow tie and pin stripe trousers, while holding onto a ...


Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone image
Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone
Excalibur (meaning to 'cut steel') was the great sword of King Arthur which 'gave light like 30 torches'. In the Arthurian stories, the name is given to two different swords - the one ...


Drinking Horn With Stand image
Drinking Horn With Stand
Enjoy your favourite beverage in this drinking horn. The extravagant drinking vessel comes with its own stand, perfect for display. It is crafted from cow horn using traditional methods of manufa...


Mini Me Model Merlin  image
Mini Me Model Merlin
Take home a piece of magical history with this Mini Me Merlin Model. Here, the famous wizard is depicted with a long beard, purple hat and blue robes. He is also holding onto his magical staff and has...


Build Your Own Model Stonehenge image
Build Your Own Model Stonehenge
Recreate the famous stone circle with this Build Your Own Model Stonehenge. Designed to replicate Stonehenge as it would have looked when it was first built around 3100BC, this unique model is a fun a...


Black Prince Letter Opener image
Black Prince Letter Opener
Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, was the eldest son of King Edward III of England. In his early life he was known as Edward of Woodstock after his birthplace in Oxfordshire. He was never known as...


Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees image
Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees
This Stonehenge Golf Ball and Tee set makes the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about playing golf. The ball itself is printed with English Heritage’s exclusive illustration of the Tr...


Tudor Rose Hanging Decoration image
Tudor Rose Hanging Decoration
Celebrate the unity between the houses of Lancaster and York with this exquisite handmade decoration. Made in India using traditional embroidery and beading techniques, it is a lovely representation o...

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Norman Tankard image
Norman Tankard
Drink like a King at a banquet with our Norman Tankard. Designed exclusively for English Heritage, this hand crafted tankard is the perfect drinking accessory for history buffs. Traditional, h...


Stonehenge Twilight Shot Glass image
Stonehenge Twilight Shot Glass
Drink to celebrate the history and wonder of Stonehenge with this twilight shot glass. Decorated with English Heritage’s exclusive twilight design, these shot glasses are the perfect size to enj...


Mini Me Dracula Keyring image
Mini Me Dracula Keyring
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Mini Me Dracula Keyring. Bram Stoker took inspiration from the historical abbey while writing his novel, Dracula. Here, the famous vampire is depicted with...


I've Seen The Stones Stonehenge Hanging Decoration image
I've Seen The Stones Stonehenge Hanging Decoration
Picturing a wonderful illustration of Stonehenge, this wooden hanging decoration is the perfect way to remember your trip to the historic site. Hang it in a window, on a hook or on your Christmas tree...


Stonehenge Pewter Model image
Stonehenge Pewter Model
Add a piece of history into the home with this Stonehenge pewter model. The highly detailed model shows the ancient stone circle as it stands today, displaying the iconic semi-circle of trilithon ston...


Church Mouse Reading Bible image
Church Mouse Reading Bible
Taking inspiration from the saying “being as poor as a church mouse”, the mice in this collection represent the animals that live in and around historic cathedrals. This mouse is seen with...


Stonehenge Ceramic Bell image
Stonehenge Ceramic Bell
Remember a recent visit to Stonehenge with this ceramic bell. The white, ceramic bell features an illustration of the famous Trilithon stones on the front, has the English Heritage logo on the reverse...


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