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Beautifully-crafted collectable models make the perfect gift for any history enthusiast. Spanning the centuries from ancient Rome to the Medieval times, you’ll find exquisitely detailed scaled models of knights and kings as well as our range of mini me models that remember some of the most iconic people throughout history.

Models image
Oliver Cromwell Bust image
Oliver Cromwell Bust
Celebrate some of the most famous people in history with this unique range of strikingly accurate plaster busts. Made by hand in Bath, England, this highly collectable bust depicts Oliver Cromwell....

Was £12.00 Sale Price £9.00

Time Wise Owl Model  image
Time Wise Owl Model
A wise owl that has been given a steampunk twist. With cogs for eyes, metal eyebrows, metallic feathers and a timepiece necklace, this owl is the perfect companion to have on your airship. Fully equip...


Viking Berserker Swinging Axe Model  image
Viking Berserker Swinging Axe Model
Show your love for the history of Vikings with this Berserker model. This champion Berserker is pictured swinging an axe in full force towards his opponent in battle. Wearing short sleeved chainmail, ...


King Arthur Resin Knight image
King Arthur Resin Knight
Inscribed with the name ‘King Arthur’ and adorned with a golden crown, this mounted figure conveys the majesty of the medieval court. Manufactured by specialist model-makers Ancestors of D...


Mini Me Model Darwin image
Mini Me Model Darwin
This Mini Me model of Darwin stands just 13cm high.  Known for Origin of Species to The Descent of Man and his numerous notes and letters; Darwin is now a collectable figure cast i...


Mini Me Model Brunel image
Mini Me Model Brunel
This Mini Me model of Brunel shows him in miniature standing on chains, smoking a cigar, wearing a jacket, waistcoat and stovepipe top hat, as he wore at the launch of SS Great Eastern in 1858. ...


Mini Me Monk image
Mini Me Monk
This mini model shows a monk standing proud while preying with prayer beads in his hands. Depicted with a shaved head and brown robes, this monk is based on Christian monks of the middle ages. Standin...


Mini Me Model WW1 Soldier image
Mini Me Model WW1 Soldier
Celebrate the brave soldiers who fought in the First World War with this Mini Me Model. This highly detailed figurine is displayed in his uniform complete with his rifle and helmet. Crafted from resin...


Knight in Bascinet Helmet image
Knight in Bascinet Helmet
An impressive replica of a 15th-century knight, adorned with chainmail armour and the distinctive ‘bascinet’ helmet used across Europe during the medieval period. Featuring stunning attent...


Medieval King on Horse image
Medieval King on Horse
An outstanding collector’s piece, crafted from high-quality metal and finished in pewter. Featuring lifelike physical details and intricate detail on the armoury, this model depicts a medieval k...


Model Cannon image
Model Cannon
Make sure your desk is always protected from oncoming enemies with this Cannon Model. The model is a replica of an 18th century style cannon. It is cast from metal and has an antique finish to create ...

Was £20.00 Sale Price £16.00

Mini Me Model Sir Chopalot image
Mini Me Model Sir Chopalot
Sir Chopalot is one of the boldest knights ever to hold an axe. Although he stands just 11cm tall, his courage and bravery knows no bounds; he is the perfect warrior to help defend your kingdom! Th...


Mini Me Model Sir Fights Alot image
Mini Me Model Sir Fights Alot
Sir Fights Alot is one of the most gallant knights ever to wield a sword. Although he stands just 11cm tall, his courage and stoicism knows no bounds; he is the perfect warrior to help defend your kin...


Mini Me Model Henry VIII image
Mini Me Model Henry VIII
This Mini Me Model of Henry VIII standing as depicted in his famous portraits shows him with his luxurious robes, gold chains and his fur hat covering his eyes. The Tudor king, well known for marrying...


Mini Me Model Police Officer image
Mini Me Model Police Officer
A classically British design, this Mini Me Police Officer is sure to make sure your home is always under protection. Here the mini me model is depicted in full uniform and is standing with a trun...


Mini Me Keyring Victoria image
Mini Me Keyring Victoria
Attach this mini me Queen Victoria key ring to your keys as a reminder of England's strength and greatness, as well as the accomplishments of our country. Queen Victoria, the second long...


Jousting Knight image
Jousting Knight
A meticulously crafted model, adorned with the distinctive armour of a jousting knight. Manufactured by Ancestors of Dover, this pewter-plated figurine has been painstakingly created with the use of a...


Cenotaph Model image
Cenotaph Model
The Cenotaph was designed in 1919 by Edwin Lutyens. It became the official war memorial of the UK after replacing the original wood and plaster structure erected for the London Victory Parade, marking...

Was £32.00 Sale Price £20.00

Thiepval Memorial Model image
Thiepval Memorial Model
Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the Thiepval Memorial was built between 1928 and 1932 and is the largest Commonwealth memorial to the missing in the world. The memorial is 140 feet high, above the leve...

Was £20.00 Sale Price £16.00

Eltham Palace Model - Large image
Eltham Palace Model - Large
This Eltham Palace Model is a truly exquisite collector’s piece and a celebration of the elegance of Eltham Palace’s graceful exterior, this large-size model has been created exclusively f...

Was £195.00 Sale Price £120.00

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