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Myths And Legends

England’s history is interwoven with the threads of myth, legend and folklore.  Our collection of gifts explores the iconic stories, characters and people who helped to shape our understanding of our past and present. In this collection you will find collectable models of iconic characters, children’s dress up accessories as well as a wide range of literature.  

Myths And Legends image
Papo Figure - Dragon with Flame image
Papo Figure - Dragon with Flame
This green winged dragon with flame from the Papo Enchanted World collection is beautifully hand painted and detailed. This fearsome fire breathing dragon is sure to bring drama to your child's pl...


Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends image
Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends
A complete collection of much loved fairy tales, myths andlegends, bound into a beautiful new edition. Whether you're searching for a sky-high beanstalk, a sleeping princess or a bewitched prin...


Dragon Costume image
Dragon Costume
This mystical dragon costume makes for great fun when acting out your own stories and recreating fairy tales. With white pointy teeth and shiny yellow spikes, this dragon is not to be messed with. The...

From £25.00

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons image
Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
The ultimate book of dragons; purporting to be the last remaining copy of a nineteenth-century dragon-keeper's manual, it combines dragon folklore with whimsical and imaginative fantasy. Detailed ...


Nature Tube: Dragons image
Nature Tube: Dragons
Act out the battles of myths and legends with this selection of dragon models. Each tube contains between 10-18 dragons. The dragons themselves are bright, colourful and highly detailed, making them p...


Cuddly Green Dragon - Large image
Cuddly Green Dragon - Large
An irresistibly cuddly soft toy dragon made exclusively for English Heritage. Our very own dragon is hardly the creature of myths, breathing fire and killed by knights in shining armour. With his big ...


Tintagel Gallos Juco Shopper Bag image
Tintagel Gallos Juco Shopper Bag
Carry groceries while also being conscious of the environment with this Tintagel Gallos Juco Shopper Bag. The bag is made from juco, a fine weave combination of cotton and jute. Featuring an image of ...


Mini Me Keyring - Arthur  image
Mini Me Keyring - Arthur
Keep all of your keys in one place with this Mini Me Merlin Keyring. The famous king is pictured wearing chainmail, armour, a red cape, a gold crown and is standing strong with a sword in hand, ready ...


Gallos Statue - Large image
Gallos Statue - Large
Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, historic kings and the rich royal history of Tintagel, Gallos stands tall on the headland at Tintagel Castle. The figure of a king watches over his realm and the...


Little Nipper Kids T-Shirt - Red image
Little Nipper Kids T-Shirt - Red
Dress your ‘little nipper’ in this red t-shirt and add a pop of colour into their wardrobe. It is perfect for everyday wear and is sure to make friends and family giggle. Taking inspiratio...

From £5.60

Dracula T-Shirt - Grey image
Dracula T-Shirt - Grey
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Dracula t-shirt. When writing Dracula, Bram Stoker visited Whitby Abbey and took inspiration from its graveyard, magnificent ruins and the numerous steps t...

From £20.00

Vampire Fangs Brooch - Tatty Devine image
Vampire Fangs Brooch - Tatty Devine
Channel your inner vampire with this Vampire Fangs Brooch by British designers, Tatty Devine. Featuring red lips and silver mirrored vampire fangs, this brooch is a great statement piece to add into y...


Dracula Travel Mug image
Dracula Travel Mug
Do your bit to save the planet with this Whitby Abbey Dracula Travel Mug. The plastic mug has a screw lid with a drinking spout, so you can enjoy your favourite hot drink on the go, and it means ...


Cuddly Blue Dragon - Small image
Cuddly Blue Dragon - Small
An irresistibly cuddly soft toy dragon made exclusively for English Heritage. Our very own dragon is hardly the creature of myths, breathing fire and killed by knights in shining armour. With his big ...


Pink Ride-On Dragon image
Pink Ride-On Dragon
This Pink Ride On Dragon is the finest companion to have on side in a battle with a knight. The dragon has purple shiny horns, fierce teeth and pink wings that attach to the hands, allowing your child...


Red Dragon Cape image
Red Dragon Cape
Encourage them to recreate fairy tales and act out mystical stories with this Red Dragon Cape. The cape attaches around the neck and hands, allowing your little one to flap their wings like a rea...


Dragon King with Sword image
Dragon King with Sword
The Papo Red Dragon King is an excellent addition to any Le Toy Van castle, Siege Tower or the very popular Trebuchet Catapult. This figure is a brave knight who is ready to protect the castle from al...


King Arthur Metal Keyring image
King Arthur Metal Keyring
Take home a lovely keepsake reminder of Tintagel's most famous legendary king. This beautifully crafted keyring depicts Medieval King Arthur, said by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his History of the Kin...


Gallos Tintagel Blue T-Shirt image
Gallos Tintagel Blue T-Shirt
Take home a reminder of your visit to Tintagel Castle with this blue t-shirt. The soft cotton tee pictures ‘Gallos’, a statue that stands tall on the headland at the historic castle site. ...

From £20.00

Gallos Pewter Statue  image
Gallos Pewter Statue
This Pewter Gallos Statue is a wonderful way to remember your trip to Tintagel Castle. Embossed with the name Gallos (the Cornish word for power) and ‘Tintagel Castle’ this replica of the ...


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