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Food & Drink

Traditional food and drink gifts made in England using tried and tested recipes from days gone by. Much of our food and drink is made exclusively for English Heritage. Our old-fashioned drinks include delicious sparkling wines, meads, liqueurs, spirits and beer. Among our food delights are homemade jams, curds, chutneys and biscuits. Beautifully packaged, all our online food and drink products make lovely gifts.

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Elizabethan Preserve Mini Gift Set  image
Elizabethan Preserve Mini Gift Set
The Elizabethan England range of preserves is inspired by a captivating bygone era in British history. Based on 16th century stillroom recipes and using honey as a sweetener, these products not only l...


Jute Bottle Bag image
Jute Bottle Bag
Create a tasteful gift for wine lovers with our stylish jute bag, designed to hold three wine bottles. Made from completely sustainable and ethical materials, the bag features the English Heritage log...


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