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Gift Ideas

We have gifts that are inspired by thousands of years of history. From the practical to the whimsical and from young to old, you’ll find something to satisfy the most demanding wish list. We have many exclusive jewellery pieces that take inspiration from our historical sites, useful homeware ideas and beautifully fragranced toiletries that make lovely gifts for friends and loved ones. 

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Viking Hand Painted Chess Pieces image
Viking Hand Painted Chess Pieces
The Vikings were Norse seafarers who raided and traded their way across Europe from their Scandinavian homelands from the 8th to the 11th century. This set of chess pieces celebrates the Vikings and d...


Red Squirrel Stud Earrings image
Red Squirrel Stud Earrings
Inspired by the red squirrels that live on the Isle of Wight and the grounds of Osborne House, these red squirrel earrings are perfect for a nature lover. The sterling silver stud earrings show off th...


Roman Chess Pieces image
Roman Chess Pieces
The Roman empire was among the most powerful military forces in the world, impacting our country in many different ways. These Roman chess pieces depict some of the most memorable figures and pieces o...


Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle  image
Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle
Burn this Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle in your home to calm the mood of the room and welcome guests. The candle is scented with an elegant floral bouquet of delicate white rose, violet petals ...


Celtic Hand Painted Chess Pieces image
Celtic Hand Painted Chess Pieces
Brighten up a game of chess with these Celtic hand painted chess pieces.  The designs take inspiration from the artefacts and characters of the Celtic era. Created in the UK, they are individuall...


Forget-Me-Not Drop Heart Earrings image
Forget-Me-Not Drop Heart Earrings
The 'Forget- Me- Not' jewellery is part of a new and exciting range to English Heritage. They are made using dried flowers set into a clear acrylic resin and set in sterling silver. Each item ...


Viking Chess Pieces image
Viking Chess Pieces
This set of handmade chess pieces looks back to the Viking era to display the vigour and strength of the sea-faring warriors of the time. The pieces are all individually carved out of polystone resin ...


Norman Trinket Box image
Norman Trinket Box
Keep your most treasured trinkets and accessories safe in this Norman Trinket Box. The round box features many intricate swords and shields that take inspiration from the traditional designs ...


Mini Medieval Chess Pieces image
Mini Medieval Chess Pieces
Celebrate the medieval history of England with these mini Medieval chess pieces. The handmade pieces are inspired by the prominent figures that appear in the architecture of medieval cathedrals. The h...


Mr. Men Little Miss Clock image
Mr. Men Little Miss Clock
Add a pop of colour into your child’s bedroom with this Mr. Men Little Miss Clock. It shows Mr. Tickle making a ferocious dragon laugh with his long arms. Pictured in the grounds of a historic c...


Fossil Dig Kit image
Fossil Dig Kit
Teach them about the importance of fossils and inspire young palaeontologists with this Fossil Dig Kit. The kit has 5 fossils that can be excavated using the tools provided. It also comes with a stora...


Celtic Chess Pieces image
Celtic Chess Pieces
Based on the historical artefacts and the characters of the Celtic era, these chess pieces are sure to bring the game to life. The unique pieces are made in the UK and are crafted from polystone resin...


Mr. Men Little Miss Mug image
Mr. Men Little Miss Mug
Enjoy your favourite drink in this Mr. Men Little Miss Mug. It pictures Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Clumsy riding horses, while wearing suits of armour and holding jousting lances, as they prepare fo...


Celtic Trinity Knot Oval Earrings image
Celtic Trinity Knot Oval Earrings
These handcrafted Celtic Trinity Knot Oval Earrings are designed in Cornwall, UK. They feature ancient Celtic artwork formed into intricate modern jewellery. These timeless earrings, with symbolic mea...


Stonehenge Nectar Black Sunglasses image
Stonehenge Nectar Black Sunglasses
Accessorise your summer outfits with these Stonehenge nectar black sunglasses. Their lenses are category 3, meaning your eyes are protected from UV rays and sun glare. The frames are black, with a cle...


Golden Lily Hand Care Gift Box  image
Golden Lily Hand Care Gift Box
Give yourself or a friend a treat with this golden Lilly Hand Care Gift Box. Including shea butter hand cream, refining hand scrub and a cuticle & nail cream, this set has everything you need to k...


Silver And Gold Plated Peacock Necklace image
Silver And Gold Plated Peacock Necklace
Taking inspiration from the lavish interior décor of the Durbar Room at Osborne House, this peacock necklace is a lovely gift for an animal lover. The Durbar Room itself is decorated in a lavis...


Battle Of Hastings Chess Pieces image
Battle Of Hastings Chess Pieces
The Battle of Hastings is one of the most iconic battles in history. These chess pieces are based on the people, characters and architecture that surrounded the famous battle. The burgundy and ivory c...


V A Bone China Trinket Dish image
V A Bone China Trinket Dish
Keep this VA trinket dish on your bedside table to make sure your most treasured possessions stay safe. Our exclusive VA range celebrates 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert....


Stonehenge Mono Raglan Sleeve Top  image
Stonehenge Mono Raglan Sleeve Top
Celebrate the wonder of the ancient stone circle with this Stonehenge Mono Raglan Sleeve Top. Featuring a 360° silhouette of the stone circle, it is a fun and abstract way to show your love for th...

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