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Vampire goblets, medieval handcuffs, a bat umbrella and spookily good reads make up our collection of Halloween themed gifts. You can also head to our historic places this Halloween half term to enjoy spooky storytelling, creepy crafts and trick or treat themed trails at our castles, abbeys and houses. Find your nearest event here.

Halloween image
Vampire Goblet image
Vampire Goblet
Fit in at a gothic themed dinner party with this vampire goblet. The intricately designed goblet features patterns and shapes that are reminiscent of a gothic abbey, alongside some sinister looking ba...


Dracula Hoodie - Grey  image
Dracula Hoodie - Grey
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Dracula hoodie. When writing Dracula, Bram Stoker visited Whitby Abbey and took inspiration from its graveyard, magnificent ruins and the numerous steps th...

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Raven Skull Model image
Raven Skull Model
Add a piece of gothic décor into your home with this raven skull model. The skull features engraved quotes from the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘The Raven’, making it the perfect gi...


These Our Monsters: The English Heritage Book of New Folktale, Myth and Legend image
These Our Monsters: The English Heritage Book of New Folktale, Myth and Legend
Myths, legends, folklore: they are what we grow up with, from Easter bunnies to tooth fairies, to those tales repeated within families down the generations, to the older accounts that are fundamental ...


Three Wise Bats   image
Three Wise Bats
These three wise bat models are a sweet and funny addition to any shelf or mantelpiece. The highly detailed cartoon style animals take inspiration from ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ and show th...


Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella image
Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella
Be prepared for rainy weather with this Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella. The classic style umbrella has a dark grey outer with a unique bat print on the inside. Drawing upon the references to Dracula at Whi...


Mini Me Model Dracula image
Mini Me Model Dracula
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Mini Me Dracula Model. Bram Stoker took inspiration from the historical abbey while writing his novel, Dracula. Here, the famous vampire is depicted w...


Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories - Paperback image
Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories - Paperback
In the winter of 2016, English Heritage sent some of the UK’s finest contemporary writers to stay at different historical sites across the UK. From Max Porter at Eltham Palace to Mark Haddon dee...


Dracula's Whitby image
Dracula's Whitby
Dracula is such an iconic figure that he has inspired hundreds of films and television programmes for over a century. He has appeared in over 215 films and, since its publication in 1897, Dracula has ...


Vampire Fangs Necklace - Tatty Devine image
Vampire Fangs Necklace - Tatty Devine
Show your love for vampires with this Vampire Fangs Necklace by British designers, Tatty Devine. Featuring red lips and silver mirrored vampire fangs, this brooch is a great statement piece to add int...


Sword Tankard image
Sword Tankard
This hand-crafted tankard is the perfect drinking accessory for history buffs and those who love all things sword related. Emblazoned with a vast array of swords and finished with a curving dragon ...


Night Bat Shoulder Bag image
Night Bat Shoulder Bag
Channel your inner vampire with this Night Bat Shoulder Bag. The quirky circular handbag is crafted from a leather look material and features a shiny bat shape embossed on the front. It has a zip clos...


Medieval Handcuffs image
Medieval Handcuffs
These hand-forged medieval handcuffs are based on a historical design used throughout the medieval and later periods. They are designed to be used and feature a locking mechanism and key. ...


Medieval Large Leather Jack image
Medieval Large Leather Jack
The Traditional Jack of the medieval tavern obtained its name from the material used in its manufacture being Jack leather which is still created by soaking in very hot water. When dry the leather is ...


Gothic Whitby image
Gothic Whitby
This fascinating volume celebrates every aspect of Whitby's Gothic past. With a detailed exploration of the town's connection with Dracula (including historical events such as the beaching of ...


Medieval Hunt Tall Chalice image
Medieval Hunt Tall Chalice
Celebrate any special occasion in style with this striking pewter chalice cup. Taking its inspiration from medieval drinking vessels used at hunting banquets, the cup features an intricate engraved de...


Dracula Toy Theatre image
Dracula Toy Theatre
This box holds within it a magnificent secret. Once assembled – an easy thing involving only a little tape – its contents allows you to present the three-act drama Dracula, complete with a...


Skull Duggary Goblet image
Skull Duggary Goblet
Ward off your enemies at the dinner table with this skull duggery goblet. Featuring four large menacing white skulls, several smaller skulls at the stem and six reapers at the base, this goblet shows ...


Bram Stoker Horror Stories image
Bram Stoker Horror Stories
Dublin-born Bram Stoker lived in London, meeting other notable authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde. Apart from the ground-breaking Dracula, Stoker wrote supernatural horror short storie...


Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden image
Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden
Pirates have existed since ancient times, travelling by water, robbing ships and costal towns. This wonderful wooden cutlass is a perfect addition to any child's pirate collection. A cutlass of th...


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