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Stonehenge Collectors & Souvenirs

We have a number of collectable pieces and souvenirs to celebrate the wonderful Stonehenge. Shop our collection to find; models, magnets, key rings and drinking glasses. All designed to showcase the famous stones. A number of these items are also exclusive to English Heritage and are made in the UK.


Stonehenge Collectors & Souvenirs image
Stonehenge Medallion Collectors Coin - Silver image
Stonehenge Medallion Collectors Coin - Silver
Remember your trip to see the stones with this Stonehenge Medallion Collectors Coin. The coin showcases the iconic trilithon stones on the front with English Heritage’s logo on the reverse. ...


Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees image
Stonehenge Illustration Golf Ball & Tees
This Stonehenge Golf Ball and Tee set makes the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about playing golf. The ball itself is printed with English Heritage’s exclusive illustration of the Tr...


Stonehenge Oak Keyring image
Stonehenge Oak Keyring
Remember your trip to the ancient stones of Stonehenge with this Stonehenge Oak Keyring. Crafted from oak, the keyring features a carving of the famous trilithon stones alongside the word ‘Stone...


Stonehenge Embroidered Badge image
Stonehenge Embroidered Badge
Get creative and attach this embroidered badge to your favourite item of clothing. Picturing the ancient site of Stonehenge, this intricately embroidered badge is a great way to keep track of the plac...


Stonehenge Oak Coaster image
Stonehenge Oak Coaster
Keep your surfaces clean and scratch free with this Stonehenge Oak Coaster. Crafted from oak, the coaster features a carving of the famous trilithon stones alongside the word ‘Stonehenge’....


Stonehenge Wooden Spoon image
Stonehenge Wooden Spoon
Use this Stonehenge Wooden Spoon to cook your favourite dishes for family and friends. The spoon has a carving of the famous trilithon stones alongside the word ‘Stonehenge’, making it a l...


Stonehenge Commemorative Coin image
Stonehenge Commemorative Coin
Showing one of the famous trilithons of Stonehenge, the Stonehenge Commemorative Coin is made exclusively for English Heritage by The Tower Mint, to celebrate one of the UK’s most beloved ancien...


Stonehenge Beech Wood Bottle Opener image
Stonehenge Beech Wood Bottle Opener
Keep this handy bottle opener in your kitchen for use at parties, events and social gatherings. It has a beech wood handle that features a carving of the word ‘Stonehenge’, making it a lov...


Bluestone Trilithon Keyring image
Bluestone Trilithon Keyring
Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our mystical Bluestone Stonehenge Trilithon Keyring. Made from Bluestone this keyring makes a lovely keepsake gift from Stonehenge. Bluestone is the collective ...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
Stonehenge mini model displaying the stone's current alignment. A perfect gift or souvenir Made in England ...


Stonehenge Hanging Decoration image
Stonehenge Hanging Decoration
Celebrate the magical beauty of Stonehenge with this striking and original decoration. Made exclusively for English Heritage to commemorate the majestic ancient stones in Wiltshire, it is a lovely sou...


English Heritage - Stonehenge Medallion image
English Heritage - Stonehenge Medallion
Tower Mint - Stonehenge Medallion 22ct Gold Plated....


Stonehenge Keyring Pewter image
Stonehenge Keyring Pewter
Pewter keyring with Stonehenge pendant. This will make a great gift or souvenir of the famous rocks, Stonehenge! ...


Stonehenge Glass Laser Block image
Stonehenge Glass Laser Block
Solid block of glass, featuring a 3-D laser engraved image inside of the stones of Stonehenge in their current orientation. ...


Stonehenge Laser Glass Keyring image
Stonehenge Laser Glass Keyring
Unlike any other image of Stonehenge, this incredible laser image keyring lets you see it from all angles! Made of a small box of opaque plastic, the beauty of Stonehenge is cle...


Pewter, Stonehenge Model  - Large image
Pewter, Stonehenge Model - Large
Large, pewter model of Stonehenge. Pewter on top of surround 6.5cm x 6.5 cm. With Surround 9cm x 9cm. Height 3cm ...


Stonehenge Charm Keyring image
Stonehenge Charm Keyring
Keep a lasting memory of Stonehenge with you at all times with this stylish souvenir keyring. It features a decal engraved with the word Stonehenge and 3 charms pertinent to the site: miniature replic...


Bluestone Power Stone image
Bluestone Power Stone
A smooth piece of genuine Preseli Bluestone.The stone is understood to have been revered for centuries for its magical and healing properties. ...


Stonehenge Framed magnet image
Stonehenge Framed magnet
Stonehenge is surely Britain's greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for the worship...


Stonehenge Mini Model image
Stonehenge Mini Model
There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world. We shall never know why hundreds of people struggled over a great many years to build this fascinating monument. Showing Stonehenge as it ...


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