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Stonehenge Collectors & Souvenirs

We have a number of collectable pieces and souvenirs to celebrate the wonderful Stonehenge. Shop our collection to find; models, magnets, key rings and drinking glasses. All designed to showcase the famous stones. A number of these items are also exclusive to English Heritage and are made in the UK.


Stonehenge Collectors & Souvenirs image
Bluestone Trilithon Magnet image
Bluestone Trilithon Magnet
Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our mystical Bluestone Stonehenge Trilithon Magnet. Made from Bluestone this magnet makes a lovely keepsake gift from Stonehenge. Bluestone is the collective na...


Stonehenge Magnet image
Stonehenge Magnet
This chunky, metal Stonehenge souvenir magnet shrinks down the twenty five tone stones into a pocket size magnet you can take away with you and fit on your fridge! A good gift for a Stonehenge love...


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