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VE Day

Friday 8th May 2020 marks 75 years since Nazi Germany’s formal surrender at the end of the Second World War. On VE Day, millions of people took to the streets to celebrate the victory after years of devastating war. To commemorate this anniversary and to support our celebrations we have curated a range of gifts that honour the Second World War and its rich history. Whether you are looking for a gift for a military aircraft enthusiast, want to learn more about World War II, or if you would like to remember the brave soldiers who fought, we are sure to have something for you. Or if you want to plan your own celebration download our VE Day Party Pack.

VE Day image
Mini Me Model Churchill image
Mini Me Model Churchill
Celebrate the history of Winston Churchill and all he did for Britain with this Mini Me Model. Here, Churchill is wearing his iconic hat, spotted bow tie and pin stripe trousers, while holding onto a ...


Lights Out Raglan T-Shirt  image
Lights Out Raglan T-Shirt
Remember World War II with this Lights Out Raglan T-shirt. The t-shirt is printed with the words ‘Lights out!’ along with images of clock faces and the words ‘WWII Blackout 1939-1945...

From £10.00

Dig for Victory Mug image
Dig for Victory Mug
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, this mug features perhaps the most famous slogan and series of posters created during the Second World War: 'Dig For Victory' The ‘Dig ...

Was £5.00 Sale Price £4.50

WWII ARP Wardens Helmet - Blue image
WWII ARP Wardens Helmet - Blue
During World War II, Air Raid wardens had the task of patrolling the city streets during blackout to ensure that no light was visible. If a light was spotted, the warden would alert the person respons...


Music for Dad's Army (2CD) image
Music for Dad's Army (2CD)
Enjoy the unforgettable Dad's Army theme tune along with tracks featured in the ever popular television series. On disc 2 there's a wonderful selection of favourite wartime songs by stars...


The Darkest Hour image
The Darkest Hour
May 1940. Britain is at war. The horrors of blitzkrieg have seen one Western European democracy after another fall in rapid succession to Nazi boot and Shell. Invasion seems mere hours away. Just days...


Poppy Tapestry Clutch Bag image
Poppy Tapestry Clutch Bag
Keep all your belongings organised and easily accessible with this classy Poppy Tapestry Clutch Bag. The design is Jacquard woven in Cornwall using some of the best tapestry weavers in the wor...


Forward Together Tea Towel image
Forward Together Tea Towel
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, this tea towel features the famous Winston Churchill 'Forward Together' poster used during World War Two. Posters and propaganda played ...


Spitfire T-Shirt  image
Spitfire T-Shirt
Remember your trip to Dover castle and show your love for the historical spitfire with this Spitfire T-shirt. The British fighter aircraft was used by the Royal Air Force predominantly during World Wa...

From £20.00

Cuddly Evacuee Bear image
Cuddly Evacuee Bear
In the Second World War thousands of children and women from British cities were evacuated by train to the countryside to protect them from enemy air raids. Every evacuee was given food, gas mask...


Battle of Britain Spitfire Plane keyring image
Battle of Britain Spitfire Plane keyring
The Spitfire is the most famous British fighter aircraft of all time, designed by R.J. Mitchell, and based on his very fast, pre-war seaplane, the S6. The Spitfire MK1 was powered by a 1,030-hp Rolls ...


Poppy Glasses Case and Cloth image
Poppy Glasses Case and Cloth
When you wear glasses every day you want to keep them safe and protected. Our hard shell, poppy covered glasses case is both practical and stylish, as well as eye-catching with it's bold colours. ...


Ration Enamel Mug image
Ration Enamel Mug
Inspired by the iconic propaganda posters from the Second World War, this enamel mug is part of our new 'Ration Range.' Designed exclusively for English Heritage, the Ration Range features ...

Was £8.50 Sale Price £5.00

Battle Of Britain Quartz Pocket Watch image
Battle Of Britain Quartz Pocket Watch
Limited Edition Battle of Britain memorial flight pocket watch. A beautifully designed watch front showing the 3 most famous planes that played their part in Britain's struggle to maintain control...


Spitfire Scarf  image
Spitfire Scarf
Accessorise your outfit and remember the brave pilots of the Royal Air Force with this Spitfire Scarf. The ultra-soft scarf pictures the iconic planes along with the roundels that were painted on them...


WWII Posters Playing Cards image
WWII Posters Playing Cards
Depicting historic art posters from the Second World War on each playing card and 2 Jokers, this collection of 54 classic images are sourced from the London Transport Museum, Imperial War Museum and P...


Dad's Army Stupid Boy Socks image
Dad's Army Stupid Boy Socks
Fantastic Dad's Army memorabilia, inspired from the hit classic TV series Dad's Army. These are fab Dad's army 'Stupid Bob' socks; a great gift idea for any Dad's Army fan! ...


Airfix Cromwell Cruiser Tank image
Airfix Cromwell Cruiser Tank
The Cromwell, officially named Cruiser Tank MkVIII, was one of the most successful British tanks of the Second World War.  Named after the English Civil War leader, Oliver Cromwell, the tank prov...


Lights Out Hoodie image
Lights Out Hoodie
Remember World War II with this Lights Out Hoodie. The hoodie is printed with the words ‘Lights out!’ along with images of clock faces and the words ‘WWII Blackout 1939-1945’. ...

From £12.50

Spitfire Umbrella image
Spitfire Umbrella
Be prepared for all weathers with our English Heritage Spitfire Umbrella. The classic style umbrella has a dark green outer with a unique spitfire and camouflage print on the inside. It has a wooden h...


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