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Our range of traditional English country garden accessories is sure to inspire you and transform any garden, outside space or conservatory. Ornamental planters, traditional topiary frames and outdoor decorations add interest to a patio, terrace or balcony. Birdhouses and feeders encourage birds into the garden and there are many more original gift ideas for garden lovers.

Garden image
Trowel Doorknocker image
Trowel Doorknocker
Add some character to your home with this beautiful cast iron doorknocker.  It is finished with a lacquered coating, designed to make it look distressed and rust coloured to provide the produc...


Sheep Watering Can image
Sheep Watering Can
For use both indoors and outdoors, watering will never be the same again with this handcrafted, galvanised, ornamental sheep watering can. Handmade each watering can is unique and makes a lovely ornam...


Singing Duck Watering Can image
Singing Duck Watering Can
Water your plants with a song in your heart using this charming rustic watering can. A beautiful garden ornament when not in use, it is crafted into the shape of a duck singing his socks off! It is ha...


Cast Iron Keys with Padlock image
Cast Iron Keys with Padlock
Add good old-fashioned charm to your garden, conservatory or kitchen with these decorative keys. Hang them on a hook on a door or wall for an authentic rustic touch. Key Features: Cast iro...


Gothic Window Frame Mirror image
Gothic Window Frame Mirror
Add one of these mirrors to a wall indoors or outside to catch and reflect the light. Looking like old-fashioned windows, the wall mirrors are a striking way to brighten a room. Key Features: ...


Seagrass Bird Nest Box image
Seagrass Bird Nest Box
Encourage birds to make their nests in your garden with this charmingly rustic bird nest box. The ready-made home features a woven seagrass doorway that looks just like a real nest. Place the bird nes...


Gift in a Tin - Garden Bits image
Gift in a Tin - Garden Bits
Give gardeners a practical and thoughtful gift with this lovely tin filled with everything they need to keep their plants neat and tidy in the garden. The tin itself provides stylish storage, and can ...


Cast Iron Keys image
Cast Iron Keys
Add a touch of traditional rustic charm in the garden, kitchen or conservatory with these old-fashioned Keys. Hang them on a shed or garden wall or on a hook inside for an original decorative touch. ...


Small Filigree Snail Garden Ornament image
Small Filigree Snail Garden Ornament
Snails may be the bane of most gardeners' lives, but you can't help but admire the magnificent way they carry their homes on their backs.These charming snail garden ornaments are a fun an...


Muddy Boot Brush image
Muddy Boot Brush
Knock off all that accumulated mud on your wellies, boots or walking shoes with this pocket-sized boot brush. Designed specially for dog walkers, it is a must-have pet accessory for anyone whose dog l...


Pinecone Bird Feeder image
Pinecone Bird Feeder
Bird feeders are a lovely way to encourage birds into your garden throughout the year. This unusual bird feeder shaped like a giant pinecone makes a delightful garden ornament. Each scale of the cone ...


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