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Home Fragrance & Candles

Fragrance your home with our range of beautifully scented home fragrance products. Choose from decorated candles, stylish diffusers and delicate lavender sachets, all designed to give guests a warm welcome into your home.

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V A Lavender Sachet  image
V A Lavender Sachet
Scent your drawers, wardrobe or linen cupboard with this VA Lavender Sachet. Our exclusive VA range celebrates 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The design takes inspirati...


Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Diffuser  image
Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Diffuser
Scent your home with this Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Room Diffuser. The diffuser is scented with an elegant floral bouquet of delicate white rose, violet petals and aquatic hyacinth with fresh gree...


Peacock Candle image
Peacock Candle
Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home with this peacock candle. Scented with notes of aromatic cypress, cedar wood and patchouli, the candle creates a delightful aroma and has a 45 hour burn time....

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Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle  image
Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle
Burn this Stonehenge Equinox Wildflower Candle in your home to calm the mood of the room and welcome guests. The candle is scented with an elegant floral bouquet of delicate white rose, violet petals ...


Lavender Scented Embroidered Bag  image
Lavender Scented Embroidered Bag
Add the lovely scent of lavender into your wardrobe, drawer or linen cupboard with this Lavender Embroidered Bag. The simple cotton bag is filled with deliciously scented dried lavender that will keep...


Golden Lily Hand Wash  image
Golden Lily Hand Wash
Welcome guests into your home with this William Morris Golden Lilly Hand Wash. The hand wash is scented with the signature Golden Lily fragrance, with fresh citrus scents of tangerine and bergamot ble...


Embroidered Lavender Scented Sachet image
Embroidered Lavender Scented Sachet
Add the lovely scent of lavender into your wardrobe, drawer or linen cupboard with this Embroidered Lavender Sachet. The simple sachet is filled with deliciously scented dried lavender that will keep ...


Golden Lily Scented Sachet image
Golden Lily Scented Sachet
Hang this scented sachet in your wardrobe, linen cupboard or simply place it in your chest of drawers to keep your clothing smelling fresh and new. The sachet has a hook at the top so it can easily be...


Inspiritus Pillar Candle image
Inspiritus Pillar Candle
Relax and create the perfect atmosphere with this quality traditional style handcrafted pillar candle. For use with a range of candle holders including our Wooden Pillar Candle base. The hand poured i...


Dover Candle Watercolour image
Dover Candle Watercolour
Dover Castle was founded in the 11th Century and has been key to defending England throughout history. It is situated in Dover, Kent and is also the largest castle in England! This candle shows the gl...


Golden Lily Scented Drawer Liners image
Golden Lily Scented Drawer Liners
Line your drawers, cupboards and shelves with these William Morris Golden Lilly draw liners. The liners can be re sized to fit, adding scent and colour to any space. Delicately scented with fresh citr...


Stonehenge Watercolour Candle image
Stonehenge Watercolour Candle
This stunning candle presents the beauty of Stonehenge in a simple but profound manor. Keeping you warm and snug but eventually melting away and releasing the subtle scents and beauty wit...


Osborne Candle Watercolour image
Osborne Candle Watercolour
Osborne House was designed by Prince Albert for his beloved wife, Queen Victoria, between 1845 and 1851. It was designed by Albert to be a summer home and rural retreat. This candle represents the bea...


English Lavender Scented Candle image
English Lavender Scented Candle
Sooth your mood with this English lavender scented candle. The candle is crafted from pure soy, meaning it burns for longer and has a beautifully floral lavender scent. The candle itself is cream in c...


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