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Ornaments & Gifts

Decorate your home with historical inspired ornaments or give a gift to that special someone. Choose from a selection of Christmas baubles, intricate ornaments and some fabulous stained glass pieces. All of which would make a lovely gift for the history lover in your life.

Ornaments & Gifts image
Balloonist Model image
Balloonist Model
A steampunk inspired invention that would make a great display piece in the home. This balloon contraption consists of a wooden steam powered vessel, a paddle wheel and a large balloon that is attache...


The Enigma Vault Box image
The Enigma Vault Box
The enigma vault is a trinket box with a twist. Covered in complex interlocking cogs, pipes, rivets and even a tank of steam. This highly intricate piece is a wonderful talking point to have in the ho...


Time Wise Owl Model  image
Time Wise Owl Model
A wise owl that has been given a steampunk twist. With cogs for eyes, metal eyebrows, metallic feathers and a timepiece necklace, this owl is the perfect companion to have on your airship. Fully equip...


Time Machine Clock image
Time Machine Clock
A clock that also works as a time machine? This incredibly detailed timepiece is designed in the steampunk style, adding an industrial edge and creating a new invention; the time machine! A completely...


Bobbin Sand Timer  image
Bobbin Sand Timer
Preserving the history of Victorian woollen mills of the past, this bobbin sand timer takes an original bobbin and re purposes it into something new and unique. A glass sand timer sits surrounded by t...


Bobbin Shoe Mould Door Wedge image
Bobbin Shoe Mould Door Wedge
Commemorating the Victorian woollen mills of the past, this bobbin shoe mould door wedge is crafted from an original bobbin. It has been reshaped into a shoe mould that would have been used in shoe fa...


Stonehenge Salt and Pepper Pots image
Stonehenge Salt and Pepper Pots
Start a conversation at the dinner table with these Stonehenge salt and pepper pots. Shaped like the iconic trilithon stones, found in the stone circle of Stonehenge, these pots are a welcome addition...


Stonehenge Cookie Cutter  image
Stonehenge Cookie Cutter
Get creative while baking with these Stonehenge cookie cutters. The two cutters take the shape of iconic things that can be found at Stonehenge; the trilithon stones and a sheep. These cutters are a p...


Heraldic Trinket Box image
Heraldic Trinket Box
This heraldry inspired trinket box features an intricate design of knights posing in archways around each side of the box; the lid bears a sword and shield surrounded by two dragon...


King Arthur Pewter Tankard image
King Arthur Pewter Tankard
Celebrate one of England's most famous and mysterious historical figures with this beautiful hand crafted tankard. It has been made exclusively for English Heritage to commemorate the mesmeri...


Small Idoma Silver Pot image
Small Idoma Silver Pot
Add a touch of elegance to your dressing table or sideboard with this silver pot. It has a wonderful hand-etched floral pattern on the lid and is hand made from silver. It is the perfect size to store...


Long Brass Pot image
Long Brass Pot
Use this brass box as a trinket holder, pencil case or just a decorative storage box. The lid is hand decorated with a beautiful etched pattern, inspired by traditional Indian design. The box would lo...


Heart Brass Pot image
Heart Brass Pot
Add a rustic touch to your home with this heart shaped pot. It is the perfect size to keep jewellery, trinkets and hair accessories and it looks beautiful on any dressing table. The brass lid is decor...


Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Large image
Sword in the Stone Snow Globe - Large
Display this magical snow globe in your home as a beautiful reminder of the legend that is King Arthur. Inside the glass globe is a replica of Arthur's infamous sword set into a mound of stones. S...


Spitfire Snow Globe image
Spitfire Snow Globe
Two British icons together in one beautiful snow globe – a Supermarine Spitfire flying high above the White Cliffs of Dover. The Spitfire is a British fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air F...


Stonehenge Snow Globe - Small image
Stonehenge Snow Globe - Small
Stonehenge stands as a powerful witness to the once great civilization of the Stone and Bronze Ages, between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. See it in the snow by simply shaking this charming snow globe - ...


Nami Short Brass Vase  image
Nami Short Brass Vase
This effortlessly stylish brass vase is a great addition to any home. The vase is handmade from solid brass and has a beautiful etched pattern on the outside, giving it a rustic look. Placed around th...


Large Brass Hanging Frame  image
Large Brass Hanging Frame
Display your favourite picture in this frame and hang it in on a wall, handle or a hook in your home. The vintage style frame opens up with a hinge at the side and the picture sits sandwiched in betwe...


Brass Jewellery Box image
Brass Jewellery Box
Keep all of your jewellery in its place with this brass jewellery box. The box has four sections so you can organise your treasures as you wish. It has a hinged lid and is crafted from brass and glass...


Desk Top Counter service Bell image
Desk Top Counter service Bell
Desk Top Counter Service Bell hand-made from solid brass. Due to this item being made of brass, it will need an occasional polish with Brasso or a similar product to maintain its lovely, shi...


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