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Many of our tapestries are reproductions of paintings, making stunning eye-catching soft furnishings for the home. Our majestic wall tapestries, cushion covers, table runners and other household accessories reveal the fascinating story of art history spanning from Celtic patterns to intricate Victorian artwork. We offer a bespoke service on some of our tapestries online, please enquire at


Tapestries image
Bayeux Tapestry Cushion Cover image
Bayeux Tapestry Cushion Cover
This fine tapestry Bayeux Cushion Cover has been faithfully reproduced from various scenes found on the Bayeux Tapestry. The original dating from the 11th Century, depicting the story of the Norman...


William Morris Orange Tree Wall Plaque image
William Morris Orange Tree Wall Plaque
Beautiful Orange Tree tapestry wall plaque inspired by the works of William Morris. Wall plaque measures 23 x 23cm....


Godspeed Tapestry (small) image
Godspeed Tapestry (small)
In Medieval history, the knight was an armed and mounted warrior belonging to the nobility. The incessant private warfare that characterized medieval times brought about a permanent military class, an...


Woodpecker Large Cushion Cover image
Woodpecker Large Cushion Cover
Beautiful Woodpecker large cushion cover. Cushion cover measures 50 x 50cm...


Tree of Life Bell Pull image
Tree of Life Bell Pull
Beautiful bell pull inspired by the works of William Morris's Tree of Life collection. Bell pull measures 16 x 110cm, complete with hanging loop and tassel. Please note: As this bell pull is ha...


Arthurian Knights - Cushion Cover image
Arthurian Knights - Cushion Cover
Although the themes, events and characters of the Arthurian legend varied widely from text to text (there was no one canonical version until Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur was published in 14...


Tree of Life Celtic Throw image
Tree of Life Celtic Throw
This Tree of Life Celtic throw will add colour and warmth to any home. The design is based on the Celtic Tree of Life Mandala by Jen Delyth. A great addition to any Celtic or throw collection. Key ...


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