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Journals & Notebooks

Queen Victoria used hers to note that ‘it is impossible to imagine a prettier spot’ than Osborne, while Charles Darwin used his to record that ‘the armadilloes cooked without its case looks and tastes like duck’. Whatever reflections or insights get you reaching for a journal or notebook, we’ve got a style and size to suit you. Our range includes handmade pieces and designs exclusive to English Heritage.  

Journals & Notebooks image
Peacock NoteBook image
Peacock NoteBook
Keep all of your ideas and notes in one place with this peacock notebook. The peacock pattern is taken from the intricately carved fireplace in the Durbar Room at Osborne House, a room decorated in la...


Roman Numerals Leather Note Book  image
Roman Numerals Leather Note Book
This Roman numerals leather notebook makes the perfect gift for someone who wants to jot down all of their ideas. It features debossed roman numerals with an intricate boarder on the front and back wi...


Celtic Leather Journal image
Celtic Leather Journal
This luxury leather journal is embossed with an intricate Celtic cross and bordered with a delicate Celtic knotwork design. The Celtic cross originally emerged in Britain during the early Middle Ag...


Leather Key Notebook image
Leather Key Notebook
This Leather Key Notebook makes the perfect gift for someone who wants to jot down all of their ideas. It features a metal key on the front with a hinge lock to keep everything in its place. The edges...


Kenwood Ornamental Leather Notebook Pink image
Kenwood Ornamental Leather Notebook Pink
Encased in durable pastel coloured leather, this notebook is a great place to jot down memories, treasured moments or pictures you want to keep forever. The cover of the notebook features English H...


Abbey Garden Hardback Notebook image
Abbey Garden Hardback Notebook
Keep all of your notes, to do lists and important information in one place with this Abbey Garden Notebook. The book is hard backed for durability and is lined for ease of note taking. It pictures a b...


Early Man Dug & Hognob Notepad  image
Early Man Dug & Hognob Notepad
A notebook perfect for any young artist to store their ideas. It pictures Dug and his trusty companion, Hognob, ready to take on the world. The ring bound notebook is filled with plain paper, per...


Roman Numerals A5 Note Pad image
Roman Numerals A5 Note Pad
Keep notes and to do lists in one place with this Roman Numerals A5 notebook. Printed with the Roman numerals from 1-1000, this notebook makes a great addition to any young historian’s stationer...


Age Of Invention Notebook image
Age Of Invention Notebook
Design your own inventions with our Age of Invention Notebook! Designed exclusively for English Heritage, our Age of Invention range is based on innovation during the Victorian period with some lig...


Stonehenge Mono Hardback Notebook A5 image
Stonehenge Mono Hardback Notebook A5
Keep track of your to do lists, jot down notes and make sketches with this Stonehenge Mono Hardback A5 Notebook. Featuring English Heritage’s specially commissioned monochrome silhouette design ...


Wrest Park Wallpaper Notebook image
Wrest Park Wallpaper Notebook
This beautiful and stylish notebook is perfect for keeping in a bag ready to jot down notes, draw sketches or anything else you use your notebooks for. This design has been inspired by 18th Century...


Stonehenge embossed notebook ruled A5  image
Stonehenge embossed notebook ruled A5
Write notes, lists and ideas in this Stonehenge Embossed Notebook. The A5 book is filled with high quality ruled paper with a date section on each page, so this could alternatively be used as a d...


Stonehenge embossed notebook plain A4   image
Stonehenge embossed notebook plain A4
Use this Stonehenge Embossed Notebook when your inspiration hits. The A4 book is filled with high quality plain paper, meaning this would be a great workbook for an artist’s sketches and ideas. ...


Great Victorians Spiral Notebook image
Great Victorians Spiral Notebook
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, our Great Victorians range features images of the many great Victorians celebrated for their achievements during this era. The Victorian era saw the rise ...


Stonehenge Watercolour Notebook image
Stonehenge Watercolour Notebook
The beautiful Stonehenge. One of the most famous and mysterious landmarks in the UK which boasts over one million anual visitors. This Stonehenge Watercolour Notebook, designed exclusively for English...


Tintagel Notebook Watercolour image
Tintagel Notebook Watercolour
Tintagel Castle is found on the Peninsula of Tintagel Island. In your pocket, you can keep keep this impressive watercolour notebook and think back to your last visit to the amazing castle. The perfec...


Rievaulx Watercolour Notebook image
Rievaulx Watercolour Notebook
Rievaulx Abbey, once the wealthiest abbey in England, was founded in 1132 by twelve monks. This gorgeous notebook is designed exclusively for English Heritage and revives the beauty and richness of th...


Dover Watercolour Notebook image
Dover Watercolour Notebook
Dover Castle was founded in the 11th Century and has been key to defending England throughout history. It is situated in Dover, Kent and is also the largest castle in England! This Notebook shows the ...


Osborne Watercolour Notebook image
Osborne Watercolour Notebook
Osborne House was designed by Prince Albert for his beloved wife, Queen Victoria, between 1845 and 1851. It was designed by Albert to be a summer home and rural retreat. This Notebook represents the b...


Crown Hardback A5 Notebook image
Crown Hardback A5 Notebook
Featuring a striking colour scheme, our Crown Hardback Notebook is a great gift for those who love all things royal. This product features a pattern of crowns designed exclusively for English Heritage...


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