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Our best-selling dressing-up clothes make the perfect gift for any child. If they love to play fight, we have all the weapons they could possibly need, from traditional bows and arrows to wooden swords. Continuing the theme of role-play, our beautifully-made hand puppets allow children to recreate their very own fairytale. Whilst our traditional wooden toys have enduring appeal.

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English Heritage Guess Who? image
English Heritage Guess Who?
Guess Who? This fantastic flip and find two-player game will keep you guessing for hours. This special edition of Guess Who? has been made exclusively for English Heritage using figures that shap...


English Heritage Playing Cards - Castles image
English Heritage Playing Cards - Castles
Make your card games more interesting with our English Heritage Castles Playing cards featuring 52 castles cared for by English Heritage. Each card features a photographic image of a different castle....


English Heritage People Top Trumps image
English Heritage People Top Trumps
This special edition People Through History Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about people through time including Stone Age Man, Roman Soldier, Medieval Knight, Pirate...


English Heritage Monopoly Game image
English Heritage Monopoly Game
Swap Old Kent Road for Stonehenge and Park Lane for Dover Castle in this special English Heritage edition of Monopoly. English Heritage's exclusive Monopoly game takes you on an exciting chrono...


Brother Ted Bear image
Brother Ted Bear
A monk is a man who has withdrawn from the world for religious reasons and is a member of a monastic order. Brother Ted is one such monk. Dressed in the traditional brown hooded robes tied at the w...


Mini black sitting Lamb image
Mini black sitting Lamb
The sheep is so incredibly soft. Look at that cheeky face! How cute is this one! This little bundle of joy is absolutely crazy for cuddles with either little ones or grown ups! So cute, squishy a...


Cuddly Lemur image
Cuddly Lemur
Our cuddly lemur is a lovely souvenir of Mah Jongg, the ring-tailed lemur owned by the millionaire residents of Eltham Palace in the 1930s. Stephen and Virginia Courtauld's exotic pet was awarded ...


Clifford's Tower 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle image
Clifford's Tower 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
The perfect gift for fans and visitors of Clifford’s Tower in York, this 1000 piece jigsaw shows a stunning view of the tower which is today one of the best-loved landmarks in York. One of the m...


Stonehenge 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle image
Stonehenge 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
The perfect gift for Stonehenge fans everywhere, this stunning 1000 piece jigsaw shows an aerial view of Stonehenge as it is today. The prehistoric stone circle of Stonehenge is a unique survival f...


Gold Crown image
Gold Crown
Rule any Kingdom with this noble crown! Embellished with colourful gems and designed with gold fabric to give a rich, royal look, you won't go unnoticed wearing this crown. A fantastic ...


St. George Wooden Shield & Sword image
St. George Wooden Shield & Sword
Fabulous wooden sword and shield set featuring St George Cross design with the famous 3 lions, a great dressing up accessory for any child going into battle. ...


3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword image
3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword
The 3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword is a fabulous wooden toy sword and shield set featuring the famous 3 lions. A great addition to our dressing up costumes, perfect for any knight or princess going...


Foam Sword and Shield Set image
Foam Sword and Shield Set
This soft foam sword and shield set in bold red and yellow displaying 3 lions, is the perfect set for safe imaginative play. Fun for any child going into battle to defend their castle!  Key Fe...


Child's Chainmail Coif image
Child's Chainmail Coif
Knights dress up chain mail helmet is the perfect addition to any child's set of armour. 90% polyester, 8% metal and 2% nylon. ...


Child's Chain Mail Vest image
Child's Chain Mail Vest
Fun dress up knights tunic, in silver thread with red cross suggests the protective chain mail armour worn in Norman times. (length 60cm, chest 40cm). 90% polyester, 8% metal and 2% nylon. Not suitabl...


Bow and Arrow image
Bow and Arrow
Strike bulls-eye every time with this bow and arrow! Bows and Arrows have been a part of our history since the stone age. Roman soldiers, Viking sea warriors and Norman foot troops all used bo...


Broadsword - Wooden image
Broadsword - Wooden
Wooden Broadsword used by the elite foot warriors of ancient England, this wonderful broadsword is the perfect addition to any brave knights' outfit. Made in England. ...


Excalibur - Champion Sword image
Excalibur - Champion Sword
Exclusively developed for Tintagel castle; historically, swords like this were wielded by Knight's as they went to battle against the enemies of their lord. Such was the power of these men that co...


Greatsword - Wooden image
Greatsword - Wooden
Our wooden Greatsword, a toy replica of those often seen in the hands of master swordsmen, on the field of battle these great swords were used to break tight enemy polearm formations. A great add...


Baldrick Sword Carrier image
Baldrick Sword Carrier
The baldrick sword carrier is a great addition to role-play.  Used since ancient times, the is perfect for your little one to keep their sword at their side as they proceed into battle. Crossing ...


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