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This collection features our best-selling toys and games. From exclusive English Heritage Top Trumps to historically inspired children’s dress up accessories and costumes, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your little one.

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Greatsword - Wooden image
Greatsword - Wooden
Our wooden Greatsword, a toy replica of those often seen in the hands of master swordsmen, on the field of battle these great swords were used to break tight enemy polearm formations. A great add...


Broadsword - Wooden image
Broadsword - Wooden
Wooden Broadsword used by the elite foot warriors of ancient England, this wonderful broadsword is the perfect addition to any brave knights' outfit. Made in England. ...


Quiver & 2 Arrows image
Quiver & 2 Arrows
Traditional hessian quiver complete with two arrows. Bows and Arrows have been a part of our history since the stone age. Roman soldiers, Viking sea warriors and Norman foot troops all used bows, but ...


Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden image
Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden
Pirates have existed since ancient times, travelling by water, robbing ships and costal towns. This wonderful wooden cutlass is a perfect addition to any child's pirate collection. A cutlass of th...


English Heritage People Top Trumps image
English Heritage People Top Trumps
This special edition People Through History Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about people through time including Stone Age Man, Roman Soldier, Medieval Knight, Pirate...


English Heritage Places Top Trumps image
English Heritage Places Top Trumps
This special edition Places Top Trumps pack is filled with fun and interesting facts about English Heritage places. From Stokesay Castle to Kenwood House, which has the most bedrooms or windows and wh...


English Heritage Memory Game - People Through History image
English Heritage Memory Game - People Through History
Our People Through History Memory Card Game is a set of 48 bright and colourful memory picture cards. The cards feature many different images of people through history including a Queen, policeman, bl...

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BrainBox English History image
BrainBox English History
Beautifully-illustrated, well researched and pure fun! Players will have 10 seconds to study a card before being asked a question from the back, chosen by the roll of the die. If the question is answe...


Small Sitting Sheep Soft Toy White image
Small Sitting Sheep Soft Toy White
An incredibly soft and cuddly soft toy sheep that is just shouting out for hugs. One of the loveliest soft toy animals we have seen, this small sheep is bound to become one of your child's favouri...


Mini Sitting Sheep Soft Toy White image
Mini Sitting Sheep Soft Toy White
A tiny soft toy sheep just perfect for small hands. Beautifully soft and instantly appealing, it is an ideal baby's first soft toy or comforter. A lovely gift idea for a christening or birthday, t...


Sleepy Sheepy Pillow image
Sleepy Sheepy Pillow
A beautiful sleepy sheepy cushion, that is in fact softer than a soft thing!! This adorable Sleepy Sheepy is a bedtime, must have gift for any child. This cheeky chappy is made of the softest plu...


Set of 3 Bolts for Crossbow image
Set of 3 Bolts for Crossbow
Pair these three wooden crossbow bolts with our Wooden Crossbow to transform them into a world of make believe in no time. The wooden bolts have cork tips, meaning they are safe for children to play w...


Wooden Crossbow With 2 Cork-Tipped Bolts image
Wooden Crossbow With 2 Cork-Tipped Bolts
Completely harmless but lots of fun, this replica crossbow is a great way of getting kids away from their electronic devices and outside in the fresh air. Promising hours of imaginative play, it is a ...


Wooden Diabolo image
Wooden Diabolo
The ancient circus game of diabolo has its origins in the 12th century and is hugely popular today. Highly addictive, this traditional wooden version of diabolo promises hours of entertainment as you ...


Excalibur - Champion Sword image
Excalibur - Champion Sword
Exclusively developed for Tintagel castle; historically, swords like this were wielded by Knight's as they went to battle against the enemies of their lord. Such was the power of these men that co...


Saxon Shield image
Saxon Shield
Hand-crafted in the UK, our Saxon Shield has been authentically reproduced for any aspiring knight. Saxon shields were typically round with a boss in the centre which added extra protection for the sh...


Ancient Briton Spear image
Ancient Briton Spear
The Ancient Briton Spear is made from recycled A.B.S Plastic. The spear has a shaft of wooden dowel ...


Roman Helmet (large) image
Roman Helmet (large)
Modelled on the imperial italic ‘D’ shape, this helmet is the perfect option for recreating a roman soldier’s outfit. The helmet shows a peak over the eyes, a neck shield and two che...


Roman Shield image
Roman Shield
Recycled A.B.S comes into play again with this Roman Shield. The shield has the characteristic curve of the Roman scutum. Silver colour...


Dover Castle 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle image
Dover Castle 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
The perfect gift for fans and visitors of Dover Castle, this 1000 piece jigsaw shows a stunning view of the castle at dusk. The most iconic of all English fortresses commanding the gateway to the...


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