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Classic Toys & Games

Take a step back in time with our range of classic toys and games. From tin toys, made the old fashioned way to classic games for all the family, we have something for everyone.

Classic Toys & Games image
Scurrying Mouse Tin Toy image
Scurrying Mouse Tin Toy
This very sweet scurrying mouse tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy is a small white mouse that has cartoon like eyes, nose and whiskers. This tin toy is made using traditional pr...


Racing Motorcycle Tin Toy image
Racing Motorcycle Tin Toy
This racing motorcycle tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy features a character, riding a high speed red motorcycle, fully equipped with a helmet and goggles. This tin toy is made us...


Austin Car Tin Toy image
Austin Car Tin Toy
This classic Austin Car tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy features a spring powered Austin car which zooms away when you release the gear lever. This tin toy is made using tradi...


Blow Football Game image
Blow Football Game
This traditional game offers the perfect family entertainment for rainy days or lazy afternoons. A twist on the original game from the early 1900s, Blow Football is a refreshing and hugely fun alterna...


Tea party Ludo Game image
Tea party Ludo Game
Join the Mad Hatters tea party with this Tea Party Ludo. Creating a twist on the classic game, the design features characters from the classic children’s story of Alice In Wonderland and has uni...


Snakes and Ladders image
Snakes and Ladders
This traditional edition of snakes and ladders is fun for the whole family. Make your way across the board and hope to miss the snakes and climb the ladders to get to the top of the board! The game is...


Magnetic Fishing Game image
Magnetic Fishing Game
This magnetic fishing game is sure to bring the family some old fashioned fun. The box includes four fishing rods which are used to catch the numbered fish. Will you win the prize of the highest scori...


Prickly Pile Up Game image
Prickly Pile Up Game
Build a heap of hedgehogs with this prickly pile-up game. The box contains little wooden hedgehogs that are used to build a prickly tower as high as you can until the loser topples it over with one to...


Jumping Squirrel Tin Toy image
Jumping Squirrel Tin Toy
This delightful Jumping Squirrel tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy features a lively squirrel, that when wound up will walk along the floor. This tin toy is made using tradition...


Puss in Boots Tin Toy image
Puss in Boots Tin Toy
This adorable Puss in Boots tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy features a cute cat wearing its black wellies and carrying its big, red bag. This tin toy is made using traditional...

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Circus Horse Tin Toy image
Circus Horse Tin Toy
This beautiful Circus Horse tin toy makes the perfect nostalgic gift. The tin toy features a wind-up horse that will buck around when wound up. This tin toy is made using traditional processes star...


3 in 1 Chess, Draughts and Backgammon Set image
3 in 1 Chess, Draughts and Backgammon Set
Conquer your rival in chess. Dominate your foe in draughts. Best your enemy in Backgammon. Enjoy three classic strategy games in one high quality wooden set. Key Features: Double sided pla...

Was £7.00 Sale Price £3.75

London Playset in a Bag image
London Playset in a Bag
Create your very own version of London with the London Playset in a Bag. Featuring all key landmarks of London such as: Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge, you can spend the day in London from y...


Marble Games Pack image
Marble Games Pack
Delight in hours of fun with a variety of games with this Marble Games Pack. This classic games pack includes a booklet of 20 different games for little ones to play. Key Features: Booklet of...


Tub of  50 Marbles image
Tub of 50 Marbles
50 of the World's Best Marbles. Comes complete with a marble bag and instructions on a variety of exciting games to play. Made in England. Not suitable for children under 3 years ...


Pull Along Steam Train image
Pull Along Steam Train
The beautiful handcrafted wooden pull-along steam train from Orange Tree Toys is a great wooden toy for young children to help learn about pulling and pushing. It will provide hours of fun a...


Hobby Horse image
Hobby Horse
A traditional toy that brings out children’s imagination. These hobby horses come in grey, brown and black colours and have their own reins to hold onto during playtime. The soft horses are atta...


Wooden Abacus image
Wooden Abacus
With its chunky beads of brightly painted wood, this abacus offers a great visual way for young children to learn to add, subtract and multiply. A fantastic idea for anyone looking for educational toy...

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Wind Up Train image
Wind Up Train
Good honest simple fun to keep young children entertained for hours. Just wind the train up, set it down and watch it race off into the distance. Why not get together with some friends and see whose t...


Wooden Building Blocks image
Wooden Building Blocks
Chunky wooden blocks printed with numbers, letters and simple pictures make the perfect baby toys. Educational and fun, they grow with your child, first offering shapes to grasp and stack, then teachi...


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