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Classic Toys & Games

Take a step back in time with our range of classic toys and games. Choose from giant garden versions of traditional games, marbles and wooden building blocks, perfect for little ones.

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Hobby Horse image
Hobby Horse
A traditional toy that brings out children’s imagination. These hobby horses come in grey, brown and black colours and have their own reins to hold onto during playtime. The soft horses are atta...


Tub of  50 Marbles image
Tub of 50 Marbles
50 of the World's Best Marbles. Comes complete with a marble bag and instructions on a variety of exciting games to play. Key Features: Mixture of coloured marbles Made in England. No...


Wind Up Train image
Wind Up Train
Good honest simple fun to keep young children entertained for hours. Just wind the train up, set it down and watch it race off into the distance. Why not get together with some friends and see whose t...


Garden Tumbling Tower  image
Garden Tumbling Tower
Pile up the bricks and remove them one by one but try not to let the tower topple over! This wooden tumbling tower is a great outdoor game that will test children’s coordination and construction...


Garden Four In A Row  image
Garden Four In A Row
This giant version of the treasured classic; four-in-a-row is sure to become a summertime favourite. Use the black and white discs to race against your opponent and get four in a row and become the wi...


Horse Shoe Pitching  image
Horse Shoe Pitching
Little cowgirls and cowboys will love this horse shoe pitching game. The game comes with numbered stakes that can be pushed into the lawn and several horse shoes so they can test their throwing skills...


Junior Croquet Set image
Junior Croquet Set
Historically enjoyed by the rich and famous, Croquet is a garden game with a long history. This junior croquet set is a great way to teach children about how people of the past used to fill their time...


Touring England Game image
Touring England Game
Tour around England with the motoring game from the 1930s - plan the best route to avoid the hazards. A huge favourite with the family which is both exciting and educational. Key Features: ...


Garden Snakes And Ladders image
Garden Snakes And Ladders
This giant version of Snakes and Ladders is a fun garden game for the whole family. The game comes with a vinyl board that can be pegged to the ground, an inflatable dice and four soft foam counters s...


Tug Of War  image
Tug Of War
Gather friends and family for a traditional game of tug of war. Test your team’s strength against the opposition and see who can pull the flag over the line first. This set comes with a rop...


Giant Wooden Dominoes image
Giant Wooden Dominoes
Bring the whole family together with this giant wooden dominoes game. The traditional game is a great tool for teaching little ones about numbers and patterns and it can be enjoyed by adults too!...


Wooden Building Blocks image
Wooden Building Blocks
Chunky wooden blocks printed with numbers, letters and simple pictures make the perfect baby toys. Educational and fun, they grow with your child, first offering shapes to grasp and stack, then teachi...


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