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Dress Up Costumes

Our wide range of dressing up costumes can transform them into anything from Roman Gladiators and soldiers to dragons and unicorns! There is something for every child to allow their imagination run wild with endless possibilities in the realm of make believe.

Dress Up Costumes image
Royal Princess Dress image
Royal Princess Dress
This powder blue Royal Princess Dress with beautiful gold jacquard embellishment will make any child feel like a princess. A matching head-dress with veil is included. The dress is made with Polyester...

From £28.00

Valiant Knight Costume  image
Valiant Knight Costume
Prepare for battle with this Valiant Knight dress up costume. The costume has an embossed panelled tunic, a chainmail effect headpiece and trousers with attached boot covers to create the lo...

From £25.00

Floral Hobby Horse Set image
Floral Hobby Horse Set
A piece of traditional old fashioned fun with a twist. This hobby horse set comes with a beautifully decorated floral hobby horse, a flower garland headband and a layered tutu skirt. It is perfect for...


Dragon Costume image
Dragon Costume
This mystical dragon costume makes for great fun when acting out your own stories and recreating fairy tales. With white pointy teeth and shiny yellow spikes, this dragon is not to be messed with. The...

From £26.00

Green And Gold Princess Dress image
Green And Gold Princess Dress
A dress fit for a royal princess. Complete with head piece and flared sleeves, this green and gold dress is perfect for any child who dreams of fairy tales and castles. With corset like details and pu...

From £20.00

Knight Hobby Horse Set image
Knight Hobby Horse Set
Prepare for battle with this Knight Hobby Horse Set. Complete with a fierce horse, a sturdy helmet and a trusty sword, your little one will be prepared for whatever comes their way. This hobby horse s...


Unicorn Tutu & Headband image
Unicorn Tutu & Headband
Help them to live out their unicorn dreams with this Unicorn Tutu And Headband set. The headband has a mystical unicorn’s horn, purple ears and long flowing coloured netting to add a magical tou...

From £25.00

Pink Ride-On Dragon image
Pink Ride-On Dragon
This Pink Ride On Dragon is the finest companion to have on side in a battle with a knight. The dragon has purple shiny horns, fierce teeth and pink wings that attach to the hands, allowing your child...


Norman Helmet image
Norman Helmet
Dress up like an authentic Norman Soldier with this helmet. It is crafted from recycled plastic and is hand crafted in the UK. Our Norman helmet has been authentically reproduced to create a grea...


Children's Great Helm image
Children's Great Helm
Based on the Great Helm worn by most knights in European armies in the middle ages, kids will love dressing up in this realistic high quality Great Helm replica helmet. Looking like the real meta...

Was £12.00 Sale Price £6.00

Childrens Camo T-Shirt image
Childrens Camo T-Shirt
Become a member of a historic army, or create your own imaginary army with this Camo T-shirt. The soft cotton tee features a classic camouflage pattern, so you can blend in with grass, trees and bushe...

From £10.00

Ride-On Dragon image
Ride-On Dragon
This mystical ride on dragon makes for a great fun battle with any knight with its blue scale like fabric, shiny black horns and fierce teeth it can be easily worn over any outfit with easy ...


Child's Chainmail Coif image
Child's Chainmail Coif
Add the finishing touch to your knight costume with this chainmail coif. Pair this coif with our chainmail vest to create a costume fit for any young, brave knight. Key Features: Chainmail co...


Roman Tabard  image
Roman Tabard
Prepare for battle with this Childs Roman Tabard. The garment is artisan made and is highly detailed. It and has a belt, with metal studs and a circular Roman scutum at the centre. The tabard has two ...

From £18.00

Ride-On Unicorn image
Ride-On Unicorn
Transport your little one to a magical land where fairies and unicorns exist with this enchanting Ride-On Unicorn costume. With adjustable straps to fit all sizes, this unicorn is guaranteed to giv...


Roman Helmet (large) image
Roman Helmet (large)
Modelled on the imperial italic ‘D’ shape, this helmet is the perfect option for recreating a roman soldier’s outfit. The helmet shows a peak over the eyes, a neck shield and two che...


Roman Gladiator Dress up image
Roman Gladiator Dress up
Prepare for battle, your little one will love dressing up as a Roman gladiator! With a great Polyester bi-stretch tunic with "leatherette" collar, apron and elasticated gauntlets. To complet...

From £19.99

Saxon Helmet image
Saxon Helmet
Dress up like an authentic Saxon solider with this helmet. It is crafted from recycled plastic and is hand crafted in the UK. Our Norman helmet has been authentically reproduced to create a great dres...


Victorian Maid Dress up image
Victorian Maid Dress up
This charming historica Victorian Scullery Maid's outfit includes a long black dress with cuffs and an integral full length white apron and mop cap. A great costume for dressing up boxes...

From £3.00

Child's Chain Mail Vest image
Child's Chain Mail Vest
Complete the transformation into a brave and valiant knight with this chainmail vest. The fun dress up knight's tunic, in silver thread with red cross suggests the protective chain mail armour, or...


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