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Dressing Up

Transport them to a new and exciting world with our range of children’s dressing up clothes and accessories. Choose from regal gowns, chainmail outfits, shields, helmets and reproduction swords to take them back in time, or open their eyes into a world of fantasy with our ride on dragon and unicorn costumes.

Dressing Up image
Kids Roman Sword image
Kids Roman Sword
Prepare for battle with this wooden roman sword. Modelled on the original gladius sword, used by foot soldiers in Ancient Rome, this sword is the perfect accessory to carry when recreating a brave Rom...


Ride-On Dragon image
Ride-On Dragon
This mystical ride on dragon makes for a great fun battle with any knight with its blue scale like fabric, shiny black horns and fierce teeth it can be easily worn over any outfit with easy ...


Roman Shield image
Roman Shield
Become a true Roman gladiator with this recycled A.B.S Roman Shield. Why not pair this sword with our Roman Tabard to create a dressing up outfit? Key Features: Silver shield Crafted from r...


Toy Foam Axe image
Toy Foam Axe
Used as a weapon in medieval times the Battle Axe was predominantly used by foot soldiers in combat. Our toy foam axe makes a great dressing up accessory for any child going into battle wishing to def...


Roman Tabard  image
Roman Tabard
Prepare for battle with this Childs Roman Tabard. The garment is artisan made and is highly detailed. It and has a belt, with metal studs and a circular Roman scutum at the centre. The tabard has two ...

From £18.00

Children's Camo Waterbottle image
Children's Camo Waterbottle
All soldiers need to keep hydrated while in battle. This camo water bottle has a screw top, belt loops so it can be attached to a utility belt, and a pocket for any essentials. The durable bottle is t...


Greatsword - Wooden image
Greatsword - Wooden
Our wooden Greatsword, a toy replica of those often seen in the hands of master swordsmen, on the field of battle these great swords were used to break tight enemy polearm formations. A great add...


Children's Camo 3 In 1 Whistle image
Children's Camo 3 In 1 Whistle
Call out to other members of your unit with this camo whistle. An essential for any soldier, the whistle also has a thermometer and a compass so you can navigate your way to safety! Why not pair ...


St. George Wooden Shield & Sword image
St. George Wooden Shield & Sword
Fabulous wooden sword and shield set featuring St George Cross design with the famous 3 lions, a great dressing up accessory for any child going into battle. The shield in this set has a handle at the...


Heroic Wooden Sword image
Heroic Wooden Sword
Let their imagination run wild and re-create the deadly conditions of a battle field with this Heroic Wooden Sword. The wooden sword features green ribbon details and has a hessian handle, making it a...


Tunic with chainmail arms image
Tunic with chainmail arms
Fun dress up knights tunic with chain mail arms. White cotton body with red felt cross design, along with chain mail sleeves suggests the protective armour worn in Norman times. Key Features: ...


Gold Crown image
Gold Crown
Rule any Kingdom with this noble crown! Embellished with colourful gems and designed with gold fabric to give a rich, royal look, you won't go unnoticed wearing this crown. A fantastic ...


Army Dress Up image
Army Dress Up
Transform into a modern day hero with this Army Costume. This costume is perfect for action packed, role play fun and for those who want to be soldiers when they grow up. Key Features: Cos...

From £25.00

Child's Chainmail Coif image
Child's Chainmail Coif
Add the finishing touch to your knight costume with this chainmail coif. Pair this coif with our chainmail vest to create a costume fit for any young, brave knight. Key Features: Chainmail co...


Hunting Dagger image
Hunting Dagger
The perfect gift for an adventurous child ! Let their imagination run wild and re-create the deadly conditions of hunting and deep wilderness with this small wooden dagger. Used as a...


Kids Roman Shield image
Kids Roman Shield
Become a brave Roman soldier with this roman shield. Inspired by the historical Roman scutum, the bright red and yellow shield is sure to protect you from your enemies. Pair this shield with our Kids ...


Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden image
Pirate's Cutlass - Wooden
Pirates have existed since ancient times, travelling by water, robbing ships and costal towns. This wonderful wooden cutlass is a perfect addition to any child's pirate collection. A cutlass of th...


Wizard Hat image
Wizard Hat
Transport your little ones to the wonderful world of make believe with this adorable wizard hat. The perfect dressing up accessory for any budding magician, it is beautifully handmade from the finest ...


3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword image
3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword
The 3 Lions Wooden Shield & Sword is a fabulous wooden toy sword and shield set featuring the famous 3 lions. A great addition to our dressing up costumes, perfect for any knight or princess going...


Foam Mace image
Foam Mace
This soft foam mace is perfect for imaginative play. Fun for all children, they can dress up as a brave knight and defend their kingdom with their medieval weapon. A must have accessory for any kni...


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