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Outdoor Fun

Our new outdoor fun range is sure to keep children entertained throughout the summer holidays. From classic garden swing sets to wooden climbing frames and pop up tents, we are sure to have something to provide them with hours of fun. Strictly no grown-ups allowed!

Outdoor Fun image
Surfside Sand & Water Table - Teal image
Surfside Sand & Water Table - Teal
Ideal for playing games, building sandcastles and outdoor eating, this picnic table is sure to keep your little ones entertained during the summer months. The rectangular table is crafted from certifi...


Tug Of War  image
Tug Of War
Gather friends and family for a traditional game of tug of war. Test your team’s strength against the opposition and see who can pull the flag over the line first. This set comes with a rop...


Marmoset Wooden Swing Set image
Marmoset Wooden Swing Set
Bring the play park into the back garden with this Marmoset Wooden Swing Set. Made from ethically sourced round pole timber, the set is made to last for many years of fun. It has two swings with adjus...


Junior Wooden Skittles  image
Junior Wooden Skittles
Children will love getting together to practice their bowling skills with this Junior Wooden Skittles Set. The wooden skittles can be set up in the garden, at the park or in the indoor play room for h...


Discovery Woodland Tree House image
Discovery Woodland Tree House
Create a world of woodland adventure in your very own garden with this Discovery Woodland Tree House. Little ones can create their own mini eco centre in the potted garden, use the pail and pulling ro...


Fairy Tale Princess Play Tent  image
Fairy Tale Princess Play Tent
Bring their favourite fairy tales to life with this bright and bold play tent. It is decorated with bricks, colourful wildflowers and a grand golden door frame that is fit for royalty. For use in the ...


Garden Four In A Row  image
Garden Four In A Row
This giant version of the treasured classic; four-in-a-row is sure to become a summertime favourite. Use the black and white discs to race against your opponent and get four in a row and become the wi...


Rectangular Picnic Table with Parasol image
Rectangular Picnic Table with Parasol
Ideal for playing games, making crafts and outdoor eating, this mini picnic table will make your little ones feel all grown up. The rectangular table is crafted from Chinese fir, making a stable ...


Giant Wooden Dominoes image
Giant Wooden Dominoes
Bring the whole family together with this giant wooden dominoes game. The traditional game is a great tool for teaching little ones about numbers and patterns and it can be enjoyed by adults too!...


Bush Baby Wooden Swing Set image
Bush Baby Wooden Swing Set
This Bush Baby Wooden Swing is a great way to get your children out into the garden to enjoy the fresh air. It is made from certified Scots pine, making it a sturdy and durable piece that can become a...


Cottage Garden Den Kit image
Cottage Garden Den Kit
Keep them entertained in the garden with this Cottage Garden Den Kit. This kit is a perfect way to get your little ones to work together to build their very own den. Including a Blue Haversack Bag, Pu...


Woven Hazel Childrens Den image
Woven Hazel Childrens Den
This woven den is sure to be a winner with children of all ages. The den is crafted from hazel, creating a whimsical and sturdy structure for them to enjoy. it is easy to assemble and it has a mini do...


Wooden Octagonal Activity Table image
Wooden Octagonal Activity Table
Ideal for playing games, building sandcastles and outdoor eating, this octagonal activity table is sure to keep your little ones entertained during the summer months. The table is crafted from wood, m...


Woven Hazel Wigwam image
Woven Hazel Wigwam
This woven wigwam is perfect as a childrens den or hideaway in the garden. Crafted from woven hazel, it is durable and hardwearing meaning it can be used year after year. Whether your little ones want...


Garden Snakes And Ladders image
Garden Snakes And Ladders
This giant version of Snakes and Ladders is a fun garden game for the whole family. The game comes with a vinyl board that can be pegged to the ground, an inflatable dice and four soft foam counters s...


The Original Den Kit image
The Original Den Kit
Encourage your children to discover the great outdoors with this Original Den Kit. The kit comes with everything they will need to create their very own waterproof den. Including a Haversack Bag,...


Toddlers Tower - Wooden Climbing Frame image
Toddlers Tower - Wooden Climbing Frame
Create your very own play park in the back garden with this Todlers Tower Wooden Climbing Frame. Designed for little ones to climb, swing, slide and hide, this climbing frame will provide hours of out...


Junior Croquet Set image
Junior Croquet Set
Historically enjoyed by the rich and famous, Croquet is a garden game with a long history. This junior croquet set is a great way to teach children about how people of the past used to fill their time...


Knights Play Tent Set  image
Knights Play Tent Set
Bring your little knight’s imagination to life with this knights play tent. The tent has an impressive and eye catching exterior of a castle, so they can become a brave knight with a mission to&...


Colobus Wooden Swing Set image
Colobus Wooden Swing Set
Encourage your little ones to play together with this colobus wooden swing set. The set has two swings and a two-seat glider meaning up to four children can play at any one time. The set is made from ...


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