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Historical Daggers

No historical weapons collection is complete without a Knight’s best friend – the dagger. Short and compact, the dagger is light and easy to conceal, meaning if someone got too close for comfort in battle, these little companions would be drawn. We have a range of daggers from many eras, beginning with a Pompeii Pugio Dagger all the way through to the mid-14th century Black Prince Dagger.

Please note these daggers are replicas and are not designed to withstand contact re-enactments. Most are for display purposes only.

Historical Daggers image
Knights Templar Dagger image
Knights Templar Dagger
The Knights Templar were a powerful crusading order of knights founded in the 11th Century with many of their numbers recruited from England and France. There are many Templar castles and churches thr...


Blackfriars Dagger image
Blackfriars Dagger
This Blackfriars Dagger is inspired by a sword that was found in the mudbanks of the River Thames near Bull Wharf, Blackfriars. The sword is dated to around 1340-50 and is a typical knight's sword...


Black Prince Dagger image
Black Prince Dagger
Edward, Prince of Wales, popularly known as the Black Prince, was an exceptional military leader and his victories over the French at the Battles of Crécy and Poitiers made him very popular dur...


Pompeii Pugio Dagger image
Pompeii Pugio Dagger
The Pugio was a soldier's dagger that was used as a sidearm by Roman Legionaries and Auxiliaries at the time of the Roman Conquest of Britain. It seems likely that is was designed predominantly as...


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