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Discover great new products from English Heritage. We have gifts for the home, souvenir gifts from our sites and historical inspired trinkets. If you are looking for gift ideas for jewellery, clothing and accessory lovers, you will find a wide selection. We have something for everyone.

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Poppy Trio Necklace  image
Poppy Trio Necklace
This poppy trio necklace makes the perfect gift for a lover of flowers and nature. It depicts three blooming poppies growing in a poppy field. With bright red petals, black gem centres and silver colo...


Single Poppy Necklace  image
Single Poppy Necklace
Show your love for poppies with this Single Poppy Necklace. The simple 3D poppy is crafted from metal and consists of two layers of petals and a black centre, to create a modern and stylised version o...


Poppy Drop Earrings image
Poppy Drop Earrings
Remember the history of the poppy with these Poppy Drop Earrings. The long stemmed earrings feature sets of three miniature poppies that are linked together to create an earring that moves as you do. ...


Poppy Stud Earrings image
Poppy Stud Earrings
Show your love for one of natures most loved flowers with these poppy stud earrings. With bright red petals and a black centre, the simple yet stylish earrings can complete many different outfits. The...


Poppy Enamel Brooch  image
Poppy Enamel Brooch
Remember the history of the poppy with this Poppy Enamel Brooch. The bright red poppy has black gems in the centre and a silver coloured back, pin and clasp. As a symbol of remembrance, or as a specia...


Filigree Heart Silver Pendant image
Filigree Heart Silver Pendant
Show someone how much you love them with this filigree heart pendant necklace.The intricately detailed filigree heart features a swirling pattern that is reminiscent of the traditional filigree style....

Was £45.00 Sale Price £30.00

Peony Silver and Gold Plated Necklace image
Peony Silver and Gold Plated Necklace
Show your love for nature with this peony pendant necklace. It features a delicately layered peony flower with a gold plated centre that hangs on a sterling silver chain. Effortlessly stylish, this ne...


Peony Drop Earrings  image
Peony Drop Earrings
Show your love for nature with these peony drop earrings. The sterling silver stems feature delicately layered peony flowers with a gold plated centre. Effortlessly stylish, these earrings can be worn...


Templar Helmet image
Templar Helmet
The Knights Templar were a powerful crusading order of knights founded in the 11th Century with many of their number recruited from England and France. There are many Templar castles and churches thro...


The Enigma Vault Box image
The Enigma Vault Box
The enigma vault is a trinket box with a twist. Covered in complex interlocking cogs, pipes, rivets and even a tank of steam. This highly intricate piece is a wonderful talking point to have in the ho...


Cogwork Clock image
Cogwork Clock
This highly detailed timepiece will add a touch of steampunk to any wall in the home. The large clock face is surrounded by exposed cogs, measuring dials and other mysterious mechanisms. Cast in ...


Time Machine Clock image
Time Machine Clock
A clock that also works as a time machine? This incredibly detailed timepiece is designed in the steampunk style, adding an industrial edge and creating a new invention; the time machine! A completely...


Time Wise Owl Model  image
Time Wise Owl Model
A wise owl that has been given a steampunk twist. With cogs for eyes, metal eyebrows, metallic feathers and a timepiece necklace, this owl is the perfect companion to have on your airship. Fully equip...


Balloonist Model image
Balloonist Model
A steampunk inspired invention that would make a great display piece in the home. This balloon contraption consists of a wooden steam powered vessel, a paddle wheel and a large balloon that is attache...


Steampunk Hat With Goggles image
Steampunk Hat With Goggles
Complete your Steampunk outfit with this hat and goggles combination. The gold coloured hat has distressing and ‘rips’ in the fabric, to give an aged effect. It also has metallic gold deta...


Steampunk Crystal Vision Goggles image
Steampunk Crystal Vision Goggles
Finish your steampunk outfit with these Crystal vision goggles. Drawing on the eyewear worn by workers of the Victorian age but with a fantasy twist, these goggles have a kaleidoscope lens, meaning yo...


Steampunk Industrial Gaze Goggles image
Steampunk Industrial Gaze Goggles
Become a steam punk with these industrial gaze goggles. Drawing on the eyewear worn by workers and aviators of the Victorian age, these goggles are round in style and have nuts and bolts surrounding t...


Roman Shield Tankard image
Roman Shield Tankard
Drink like an ancient Roman with this Roman Shield Tankard. Featuring an intricate Roman shield design with swords and other metallic metal details, this tankard will show others that you are not to b...


Roman Shield Goblet image
Roman Shield Goblet
Drink like an ancient Roman with this Roman Shield Goblet. Featuring an intricate Roman shield design with swords and other metallic metal details, this tankard will show others that you are not to be...


Roman Coin Trinket Box image
Roman Coin Trinket Box
Keep your favourite jewellery and trinkets in one place with this Roman Coin Trinket Box. The highly detailed 3D box features a design of ancient Roman coins, laurel wreaths and other textured de...


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