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Embrace history with our jewellery collections featuring some of the world’s most ancient stones. A fitting tribute to Stonehenge, our bluestone jewellery is made using genuine bluestone from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire. Protector from evil spirits since Roman times and a favourite of Queen Victoria, fossilised Whitby jet is mounted in contemporary and classic settings to stunning effect. And finally, the timeless elegance of Pearls adds sophistication to any evening out.

Art Deco Cufflinks image
Art Deco Cufflinks
A beautiful gift for lovers of Art Deco style, these boxed cufflinks add some interesting detail to formal wear with their eye-catching design, inspired by the Art Deco interiors of Eltham Palace. Cra...


Single Bluestone Toscana Pendant image
Single Bluestone Toscana Pendant
A spearhead of authentic Preseli Bluestone framed in 9ct Gold creates this elegant Bluestone Toscana Pendant. Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, perfect for that special occasion, the penda...


Bluestone Navette Pendant image
Bluestone Navette Pendant
Wear this sophisticated Bluestone Navette Pendant to add a touch of magical splendour to your outfit. The framed navette is hand carved in England from authentic Preseli Bluestone, the same type of st...


18ct Gold, Bluestone & Diamond Heart Pendant image
18ct Gold, Bluestone & Diamond Heart Pendant
This beautiful Bluestone and Gold Heart Pendant is the ultimate expression of love and makes an exceptional gift to be treasured forever. Exquisitely crafted by hand by master jewellers, the heart ...


Bluestone Wrapped Heart Pendant image
Bluestone Wrapped Heart Pendant
This authentic Bluestone Wrapped Heart Pendant is a beautiful and striking piece and makes a beautiful gift for a loved one. The heart is hand carved from authentic Preseli Bluestone and polished to b...


Bluestone Power Bead Stud Earrings image
Bluestone Power Bead Stud Earrings
Orbs of beautiful striated bluestone make up these striking Bluestone Power Bead Stud Earrings. They are made from authentic bluestone from selected outcrops in the Preseli Hills in Wales. The stones ...


Bluestone Navette Earrings image
Bluestone Navette Earrings
The framed Bluestone Navette Earrings are hand carved in England from authentic Preseli Bluestone. The pretty oval-shaped earrings are framed in Stirling Silver to bring out the natural striations of ...


Bluestone Rectangular Earrings image
Bluestone Rectangular Earrings
These beautiful Bluestone Rectangular Earrings set in Stirling Silver, are an elegant set of earrings which will make a great addition to the Bluestone Heart Pendant and Silver and Bluestone Oval Ring...


Bluestone Wrapped Drop Earrings image
Bluestone Wrapped Drop Earrings
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, a beautiful set of Bluestone Wrapped Drop Earrings, with a sterling silver embellishment and backs. These earrings will make a great addition to the Blueston...


Bluestone Heart Pendant - Large image
Bluestone Heart Pendant - Large
An elegant Bluestone Heart Pendant, designed exclusively for English Heritage supplied on a Stirling Silver 18inch chain. This pendant is very contemporary and stylish and has proven to be a very popu...


Bluestone Wrapped Pendant image
Bluestone Wrapped Pendant
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, this beautiful Bluestone Wrapped Pendant, with a sterling silver chain will make a great addition to the Bluestone Wrap Drop Earrings Bluestone is the col...


Bluestone Ring Pendant image
Bluestone Ring Pendant
This Bluestone Ring Pendant is a symbolic ring that is a highly polished piece of Bluestone hanging from a silver plated chain. Bluestone is the collective name given to the smaller stones at Stone...


Bluestone Open Oval Brooch image
Bluestone Open Oval Brooch
The Bluestone Open Oval Brooch is a lovely accessory on its own, or it can be paired with the matching pendant and earrings for the perfect ensemble. Transform a jacket, sweater, dress or even coat in...


Bluestone & Silver Navette Bracelet image
Bluestone & Silver Navette Bracelet
This beautiful Bluestone Navette Bracelet, features a string of Navette shaped Bluestones set in Stirling Silver. This elegant bracelet will make a great addition to your jewellery box or a special gi...


Bluestone Bead Charm image
Bluestone Bead Charm
This striking Bluestone Charm crafted from Bluestone and Silver will make a stunning addition to any charm bracelet. A great gift for a loved one or charm collector. Bluestone is the collective nam...


Bluestone Cufflinks image
Bluestone Cufflinks
These beautiful, stylish oblong shaped Bluestone Cufflinks will make a wonderful gift for the more, discerning gentleman. Set with highly polished Bluestone, the cufflink is finished off with a swivel...


Bluestone Open Oval Pendant image
Bluestone Open Oval Pendant
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, an elegant Bluestone Oval Pendant with sterling silver embellishment to create a stunning mosaic patter with a Sterling silver chain. This pendant will make ...


Bluestone Open Oval Earrings image
Bluestone Open Oval Earrings
Designed exclusively for English Heritage, a beautiful set of Bluestone Oval Earrings, with contrasting Sterling Silver embellishment to create a beautiful mosaic pattern and silver backs. These earri...


Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Power Bead Bracelet image
Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Power Bead Bracelet
Hand crated from the natural beauty of Sarsen Stone, sourced from around Stonehenge. The sleek artistry of this bracelet will take you back in time to your last visit to the ancient stones. A sim...


Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Pendant image
Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Pendant
Carry a piece of the iconic Stonehenge around your neck with this Sarsen Stone pendant necklace. Crafted from the beautiful sarsen stone, sourced from around Stonehenge, this necklace is a simple remi...


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