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Our historical sites are a treasure-trove of design inspiration; and we’ve brought it all to life in our unique jewellery range. From sterling silver jewellery inspired by our historic sites to bright and bold statement pieces, we are sure to have something that will fit into your unique style. We have a wide range of intricately designed pieces that make lovely gifts for friends or loved ones.

Jewellery image
London Bus Necklace - Tatty Devine image
London Bus Necklace - Tatty Devine
Wear an iconic piece of English history with this red bus necklace by British designer Tatty Devine. The acrylic necklace features delicate, hand inked lettering that reads ‘Trafalgar Square&rsq...


Deco Fan Drop Earrings image
Deco Fan Drop Earrings
Add some Art Deco glamour into your outfit with these fan drop earrings. Crafted from Sterling silver, the earrings feature a fan shaped pendant that takes inspiration from the shapes and textures of ...


Stonehenge Bluestone Bangle  image
Stonehenge Bluestone Bangle
Wear a piece of Stonehenge with this Bluestone Bangle. Bluestone makes up the smaller stones inside the famous stone circle and can be found only in Pembrokeshire's Preseli Hills. The flecked quar...


Deco Fan Gold Necklace  image
Deco Fan Gold Necklace
Remember the iconic glamour of the Art Deco era with this deco inspired necklace. The pendant of the necklace is reminiscent of a fan shape that can be found in the décor, jewellery and clothin...


Whitby Abbey Silhouette Necklace  image
Whitby Abbey Silhouette Necklace
Take home a piece of history with this Whitby Abbey Silhouette Necklace. The intricately designed pendant showcases the large windows, spires and brickwork of the iconic abbey. The sterling silver pen...


Deco Half Fan Stud Earrings image
Deco Half Fan Stud Earrings
The Art Deco movement saw a change to fashion, architecture and even jewellery. These earrings are shaped like fans, a shape that can be found in many different patterns associated with...


Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Trilithon Earrings image
Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Trilithon Earrings
Sarsen stone has been sourced from around Stonehenge to create these beautiful Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Trilithon Earrings. The simple and sleek design mirrors the trilithon stones that can be found in...


Abbey Window Earrings image
Abbey Window Earrings
These sterling silver earrings have window shaped cut-out details, celebrating the architecture of historical abbeys and cathedrals. A simple yet stylish design, these earrings can be worn on a daily ...


Oak Tree Necklace image
Oak Tree Necklace
A necklace fit for a lover of all things nature. This necklace features a highly detailed engraving of a very impressive oak tree. The majority of the necklace is silver plated with rose gold colourin...


Acorn and Leaf Earrings image
Acorn and Leaf Earrings
If you love the magic of autumn woods, you will find these beautifully crafted Acorn Earrings irresistible. Contrasting shiny brass kernels with textured sterling silver oak leaves and shells, they re...


Deco Fan Necklace image
Deco Fan Necklace
Add a touch of Art Deco glamour to your outfit with this silver fan necklace. The simplistic necklace takes inspiration from the patterns and shapes that became hugely popular throughout the Art Deco ...


Stonehenge Bluestone Brooch image
Stonehenge Bluestone Brooch
Wear a piece of history on your lapel, coat or jacket with this Stonehenge Bluestone Brooch. The brooch itself is crafted from bluestone and features a highly detailed, sterling silver silhouette of t...


Stonehenge Silver Plated Arrow Earrings  image
Stonehenge Silver Plated Arrow Earrings
Wear a hint of history with these Stonehenge arrow charm earrings. The silver plated earrings feature arrow head charms that are reminiscent of artefacts found around the historic stone circle. These ...


Celtic Heart Key Pendant  image
Celtic Heart Key Pendant
Featuring an intricately designed key with Celtic knots and a heart shape, this necklace is a welcome addition into any jewellery collection. Symbolising loyalty, faith, friendship and love, it is a s...


Stonehenge Trilithon Stud Earrings image
Stonehenge Trilithon Stud Earrings
Remember a visit to Stonehenge with these trilithon earrings. The delicately crafted studs are shaped like the trilithon stones that make up the outer edge of the iconic stone circle. They are go...


Stonehenge Bluestone Locket  image
Stonehenge Bluestone Locket
Give an extra special gift to a friend or loved one with this Stonehenge bluestone locket. Place pictures of loved ones that you hold close to your heart inside of the locket to make this necklace a u...


Oak Tree Stud Earrings image
Oak Tree Stud Earrings
Show your love for nature with these oak tree earrings. The stud earrings feature highly detailed engravings of oak trees, taking inspiration from the royal oak tree at Boscobel house. The earrings ar...


Stonehenge Pewter Cufflinks image
Stonehenge Pewter Cufflinks
Let people know your love of history with these beautiful pewter cufflinks. Designed specifically for English Heritage, they show the intimate detail of the stones at Stonehenge. These stylish cufflin...


Stonehenge  Amber Gold Plated Earrings image
Stonehenge Amber Gold Plated Earrings
These genuine Amber gold earrings with a genuine amber stone incorporated in the drop are hand cast and 22 ct gold. These are designed in the UK and It is beleived the original piece which these are i...


Stonehenge Gold Statement Necklace - Tatty Devine image
Stonehenge Gold Statement Necklace - Tatty Devine
Make a statement with our Stonehenge Gold Statement Necklace from British designers Tatty Devine. This striking glittery gold necklace represents all of the stones at the world famous site of Stonehen...


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