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An eclectic selection of gifts for men, women and children inspired by England's rich history. Original gifts include beautiful replica models, drinking accessories and books as well as pretty scarves, luxurious soaps and lotions, striking jewellery and mugs. And for children, dressing up clothes, wooden toys and soft toy animals.

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Jan Erika Hand Painted Water Bottle image
Jan Erika Hand Painted Water Bottle
Jan Erika is a multi-media artist and musician. Her childhood on the east coast of England, in a family thoroughly in-tune with the beauty of nature and the outdoors, sowed the seeds of her passion fo...


The Victorian Way Blue Apron  image
The Victorian Way Blue Apron
Every great chef needs a great apron. This chef grade denim apron is sure to become a daily kitchen staple. It has an adjustable neck strap, a towel loop and a large pocket that is embroidered with &l...


Raven Skull Model image
Raven Skull Model
Add a piece of gothic décor into your home with this raven skull model. The skull features engraved quotes from the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘The Raven’, making it the perfect gi...


Sara Miller Large Cosmetic Bag image
Sara Miller Large Cosmetic Bag
Use this cosmetics bag to keep your everyday makeup, overnight toiletries or general accessories in one place. The beautiful bag is printed with an Art Deco inspired design that features lemurs and tr...


Build Your Own Model Stonehenge image
Build Your Own Model Stonehenge
Recreate the famous stone circle with this Build Your Own Model Stonehenge. Designed to replicate Stonehenge as it would have looked when it was first built around 3100BC, this unique model is a fun a...


Victorian Inspired Kitchen Scissors image
Victorian Inspired Kitchen Scissors
These Victorian inspired kitchen scissors are a must for daily use. They are crafted from stainless steel and have a bottle opener, nut cracker, screw cap opener and screw driver functions. These mult...


Union Flag Heart Hanging Decoration image
Union Flag Heart Hanging Decoration
Add a pop of colour into your home with this heart shaped hanging decoration. It features the iconic Union Flag, with colours of red, white and blue. It is hand made from velvet and has silver em...


Fox Scarf Knitting Kit image
Fox Scarf Knitting Kit
This scarf knitting kit is perfect for a little one who loves foxes. The design is very simple and is created with children in mind, so they will need little to no input from an adult. The kit is labe...

Was £17.00 Sale Price £10.00

TOFT Crochet Kit - George The Dragon image
TOFT Crochet Kit - George The Dragon
This crochet kit allows you to create your very own cuddly friend. The kit includes everything you will need to make George the dragon, an 18cm tall cuddly dragon that is sure to be loved by children ...


Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon  image
Stonehenge Bronze Cold Cast Trilithon
Bring a piece of Stonehenge into the home with this Stonehenge Bronze Cast Trilithon. Depicting the texture and shape of the large trilithon stones, this model makes a lovely display piece in the home...


The Victorian Way Tea Towel 2 Pack image
The Victorian Way Tea Towel 2 Pack
This set of two tea towels are part of our range inspired by Avis Crocombe, cook at Audley End House in the 1880s. English Heritage has Mrs Crocombe’s original handwritten recipe book in our col...


Farm In A Tin Activity Set image
Farm In A Tin Activity Set
Encourage your children to use their imagination at playtime with this farm in a tin kit. Including chunky and colourful wooden characters, a decorated play mat and a handy tin for when playtime is ov...


Deco Fan Necklace image
Deco Fan Necklace
Add a touch of Art Deco glamour to your outfit with this silver fan necklace. The simplistic necklace takes inspiration from the patterns and shapes that became hugely popular throughout the Art Deco ...


Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone image
Excalibur Letter Opener in Stone
Excalibur (meaning to 'cut steel') was the great sword of King Arthur which 'gave light like 30 torches'. In the Arthurian stories, the name is given to two different swords - the one ...


Make Your Own Hero Dog Sock Puppet image
Make Your Own Hero Dog Sock Puppet
Make your very own War Dog Hero to commemorate the brave and heroic dogs that served in World War I and World War II. Dogs were used in both World Wars in a wide variety of roles. Their j...

Was £4.50 Sale Price £3.50

London Bus Necklace - Tatty Devine image
London Bus Necklace - Tatty Devine
Wear an iconic piece of English history with this red bus necklace by British designer Tatty Devine. The acrylic necklace features delicate, hand inked lettering that reads ‘Trafalgar Square&rsq...


Hama Beads Butterfly Set image
Hama Beads Butterfly Set
Create colourful butterfly ornaments and decorations with this hama bead butterfly set. Including a butterfly pegboard, flower pegboard, beads, instructions and ironing paper, it is the perfect gift f...


Sleepy Friends Keyring Kit image
Sleepy Friends Keyring Kit
This sleepy friends keyring kit is a great way to entertain friends or siblings. The kit makes three sleepy woodland creature keyrings that can be attached to pencil cases, keys and school bags. It co...


Cross Stitch Picture Kit image
Cross Stitch Picture Kit
If your little one is starting to show interest in the world of crafts and sewing, this cross stich kit is the perfect place to start. The set includes everything they will need to create this &#...


Unicorn Scarf Knitting Kit image
Unicorn Scarf Knitting Kit
Teach your little one how to knit with this unicorn scarf knitting kit. Including wool, instructions, bamboo needles and a plastic needle for making up, the kit includes everything they need to create...

Was £17.00 Sale Price £10.00

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