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English Heritage publishes fascinating and authoritative books on all aspects of Englands rich history. Buildings, cities, seaside resorts, architects, archaeology, sport and industry are just some of the subjects covered. Our English Heritage Guidebooks visit some of our countrys greatest sites, combining in-depth history with tours, maps and other useful information. We also have some great history books for children of all ages, from colourful pictorial guides to the best-selling Horrible Histories.

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Guidebook: Wellington Arch, Marble Arch & Six Great War Memorials image
Guidebook: Wellington Arch, Marble Arch & Six Great War Memorials

The Wellington Arch and the Marble Arch are two of London’s most striking landmarks and it would be easy to imagine that they have always stood in their current locations as grand, but isolated, monuments. Yet both were devised as part of a scheme to celebrate Britain’s victory over Napoleon, and to glorify the nation and its monarch, George IV. This guidebook explores the fascinating ...


Music for Dad's Army image
Music for Dad's Army

Enjoy the unforgettable Dad's Army theme tune along with tracks featured in the ever popular television series. On disc 2 there's a wonderful selection of favourite wartime songs by stars of the era. Key Features: 2 CD gift set Over 2 hours of music ...


The Country House image
The Country House

This book presents a series of conference papers exploring the material culture of the country house and its presentation to the public. There is an academic interest in the consumption practices of the elite, and in the country house as a lived and living space, which was consciously transformed according to fashion and personal taste; but importantly there is also a concern amongst curators to p...


Woolworth's 100 Years on the High Street image
Woolworth's 100 Years on the High Street

Woolworth’s bright red signboard was a beacon on British and Irish high streets for nearly a century. American in origin, Woolworth’s grew rapidly after the first branch opened in Liverpool in 1909. The business model – with inexpensive goods piled on counter tops – scored an immediate hit with British consumers. By 1930 there were 400 stores, and by 1960 over 1000. With...


The Hoo Peninsula Landscape image
The Hoo Peninsula Landscape

The Hoo Peninsula is located on the north Kent coast 30 miles east of Central London. This book raises awareness of the positive contribution that the historic environment makes to the Hoo Peninsula by describing how changing patterns of land use and maritime activity over time have given this landscape and seascape its distinctive character. It uses new information, which involved historic lan...


Boston, Lincolnshire image
Boston, Lincolnshire

This book examines the history of Boston in Lincolnshire as reflected in its buildings and townscape from medieval times to the present day. Boston has a position as an important market from medieval times and as a major port with links with Europe and America. The homes and warehouses of its citizens show the evidence of this. Boston’s religious and public buildings are discussed, and...


Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution image
Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution

Ditherington Mill in Shrewsbury is rightly celebrated as having the first iron-framed building in the world. Its highly innovative structure provided a fireproof environment for industrial processes and is a predecessor of the technologies that today pepper our cities with skyscrapers. Around the Spinning Mill other early buildings have also survived, which together make the complex a remarkable e...


Picturing England image
Picturing England

Photographers have taken pictures of England’s buildings and landscapes since the invention of the medium, making images of the traces of past societies as well as photographing the new buildings around them. They have done so for many reasons: to capture the picturesque; to make a living or a souvenir; to promote or to condemn; to record what is disappearing or to reveal what is normally hi...


The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol image
The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol

This study, covering the period c.1000 to c.1800, is of the medieval and early modern houses of Bristol, England’s second city in the later Middle Ages and again in the 18th century. Based partly on the survey of surviving early buildings, the study also makes extensive use of documentary evidence and records of houses now demolished to analyse how town houses reveal the social structure and...


The English Railway Station image
The English Railway Station

The railway station is one of England’s most distinctive and best-loved building-types. Yet over the past century the nation’s stations have often been overlooked or dismissed, and have suffered accordingly. Today a new interest in railways – fuelled by the need for sustainability, by a growing awareness of the realities of transport economics and by the dedication of enthusiasti...


Victorian Turkish Baths image
Victorian Turkish Baths

The first book to reveal the hidden history of the Victorian Turkish Bath in the British Isles and beyond Explores the architecture, technology and sociology of the Victorian Turkish Bath With almost 500 illustrations, a full bibliography, and an illustrated glossary, the book examines all aspects of  the baths   Victorian Turkish Baths is the first book to bring to light ...


Then and Now image
Then and Now

Then and Now encompasses the world, from Greece, through Asia, the Americas, and Africa, and includes all the technological advances that changed the way in which we work and play. This fabulously illustrated family reference book takes you on a journey through time and is a great lesson in history. Annotated 3D reconstructions and cutaway models allow you to journey right into the heart of civili...


The Encyclopedia of Formula 1 image
The Encyclopedia of Formula 1

Encyclopedia of Formula 1 showcases the highs and lows of the most cutting-edge series in the history of motorsport. From the early days to the present season, this guide gives comprehensive insight into all aspects of the exciting sport, including coverage of memorable drivers, constructor teams, circuits and moments. Using fascinating photogrpahs and statistics throughout, the history of Formula...


The Ultimate Book of Whisky image
The Ultimate Book of Whisky

The Ultimate Book of Whisky provides a fascinating introduction to the most renowned whiskies from around the world. Including more than 200 of the finest whiskies each entry is accompanied with colour photography, historical information and detailed tasting notes describing the appearance, style and unique flavours of the whisky. The accompanying Tasting Notes book enables you to write down your ...


The Ultimate Book of Beers image
The Ultimate Book of Beers

The book within this slipcase provides a fascinating introduction to the most renowned beers in the world. Including more than 400 of the finest beers from around the globe from Trappist monasteries in Belgium to microbreweries, each beer is accompanied with colour photography, historical information, and detailed tasting notes describing the beer's appearance, style, and unique flavours. The ...


English Garden Cities image
English Garden Cities

'The Garden City Movement provided a radical new model for the design and layout of housing at the turn of the nineteenth century and set standards for the twentieth century which were of international significance. The vision of the movements founder, Ebenezer Howard, drew on many strands of political and utopian thought, and initially aimed at addressing the problems of an increasingly urba...


Paddington Station image
Paddington Station

Paddington Station in London is one of Britains most splendid and historically significant railway termini, as the home and headquarters of the Great Western Railway, and as one of the masterpieces of its chief engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (180659). Steven Brindles comprehensive history, the first full-length study of the station to be published, first appeared in 2004. Around the same time...


England Observed image
England Observed

John Gay was one of the most respected photographers of the mid-20th century but, unlike that of some of his contemporaries, his work is now largely overlooked. This important and critically acclaimed book includes 300 evocative photographs from the large collection of his work held by the National Monuments Record and marks the centenary of his birth in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1909. Gay's w...


Built to Brew image
Built to Brew

Beer has been brewed in England since Neolithic times, and this book combines a thoroughly enjoyable exploration of beers history and built heritage with new in-depth research into the nuts and bolts of its production. Based around Englands breweries, but occasionally ranging further afield, it tells the intriguing story of the growth of this significant industry. From Georgian brewing magnates ...


Blackpool's Seaside Heritage image
Blackpool's Seaside Heritage

Blackpool is Britains favourite seaside resort. Each year millions of visitors come to walk on its three piers, ride donkeys, enjoy shows at the Winter Gardens, scream on the thrilling rides at the Pleasure Beach and ride the lift to the top of the Tower. Generations of holidaymakers have stayed in its hotels, lodging houses and bed and breakfasts and all have succumbed to its delectable fish and...


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