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Beehive Key Ring image
Beehive Key Ring
Add some style to your keys with this chic beehive keyring from Sophie Allport. Inspired by the bees buzzing around Sophie's garden, this beautiful keyring is made with love and makes the perfe...


Capability Brown Keyring image
Capability Brown Keyring
Keep the keys to your garden shed, house or anywhere else you fancy on this stylish keyring. Made exclusively for English Heritage to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Capability Brown...


Bag Charm - Burgundy image
Bag Charm - Burgundy
Accessorise your accessories with this beautiful butterfly bag charm, from Katie Loxton. This adorable bag charm is sure to brighten your day. This dual-purpose accessory can also be used as a ke...


Darwin Keyring image
Darwin Keyring
Chrome coloured double sided keyring featuring a black and white photograph of Charles Darwin. Other Darwin gifts available. ...


Battle of Britain Spitfire Plane keyring image
Battle of Britain Spitfire Plane keyring
The Spitfire is the most famous British fighter aircraft of all time, designed by R.J. Mitchell, and based on his very fast, pre-war seaplane, the S6. The Spitfire MK1 was powered by a 1,030-hp Rolls ...


Globe Keyring image
Globe Keyring
This Vintage style globe keyring from our map range, is a brass finished keyring with antique style globe. An ideal addition to any set of keys and a great gift. Key Features: Brass Finished ...


Cuddly Soft Green Dragon on a Keyring image
Cuddly Soft Green Dragon on a Keyring
An irresistibly cuddly soft toy dragon keyring made exclusively for English Heritage. Our very own dragon is hardly the creature of myths, breathing fire and killed by knights in shining armour. ...


Stained Glass Acrylic Keyring image
Stained Glass Acrylic Keyring
This colourful keyring features an unusual design inspired by stained glass. Made from durable acrylic and created exclusively for English Heritage, this eye-catching keyring makes a pretty and practi...


Golden Lily Metal Keyring image
Golden Lily Metal Keyring
Keep all your keys together and easily accessible at all times with this stylish keyring. The perfect handbag accessory for anyone with a love of the Arts and Crafts style, it features a detail of J. ...


Strawberry Thief Metal Keyring image
Strawberry Thief Metal Keyring
Look stylish whenever you unlock a door with this elegant keyring. A fitting tribute to the British Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century, it features William Morris's celebrated Straw...


Virginia Metal Keyring image
Virginia Metal Keyring
A superior metal keyring with a design featuring Sir Stephen Lewis Courtauld's Yacht, Virginia. The text reads 'Virginia. Courtauld's Luxury Yacht. Launched in June 1930 on The Upper Clyde...


Bluestone Trilithon Keyring image
Bluestone Trilithon Keyring
Embrace the magic of Stonehenge with our mystical Bluestone Stonehenge Trilithon Keyring. Made from Bluestone this keyring makes a lovely keepsake gift from Stonehenge. Bluestone is the collective ...


Bluestone Heart Keyring image
Bluestone Heart Keyring
This Heart Keyring crafted in Bluestone, the collective name given to the smaller stones at Stonehenge will make a great gift or souvenir embracing the magic of the famous rocks at Stonehenge. Bl...


Bluestone Oval Keyring image
Bluestone Oval Keyring
The Bluestone Oval Keyring is crafted in the spotted dolerite that makes up Stonehenge's smaller stones. Our Bluestone Keyring will make a great gift or souvenir embracing the magic of the famous ...


Stonehenge Lazer Glass Keyring image
Stonehenge Lazer Glass Keyring
View Stonehenge from all angles with this laser image keyring. ...


Stonehenge Keyring Pewter image
Stonehenge Keyring Pewter
Pewter keyring with Stonehenge pendant. This will make a great gift or souvenir of the famous rocks, Stonehenge! ...


Stonehenge Charm Keyring image
Stonehenge Charm Keyring
Keep a lasting memory of Stonehenge with you at all times with this stylish souvenir keyring. It features a decal engraved with the word Stonehenge and 3 charms pertinent to the site: miniature replic...


Crown Keyring image
Crown Keyring
Keyring with gold effect crown pendant ...


Helmet Keyring image
Helmet Keyring
Medieval knight's helmet keyring. The perfect addition to any set of keys, for children and adults alike Not suitable for children under 3yrs. Made in England ...


King Arthur Metal Keyring image
King Arthur Metal Keyring
Take home a lovely keepsake reminder of Tintagel's most famous legendary king. This beautifully crafted keyring depicts Medieval King Arthur, said by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his History of the Kin...


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