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Dracula At Whitby Abbey

High on the windswept headland, the imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey dominate the busy harbour town below. Our range of Whitby Abbey souvenirs and collectables draws on the gothic history of the abbey that inspired Bram Stoker’s iconic novel Dracula.

Dracula At Whitby Abbey image
Dracula Travel Mug image
Dracula Travel Mug
Do your bit to save the planet with this Whitby Abbey Dracula Travel Mug. The plastic mug has a screw lid with a drinking spout, so you can enjoy your favourite hot drink on the go, and it means ...

Was £10.00 Sale Price £7.00

Three Wise Bats   image
Three Wise Bats
These three wise bat models are a sweet and funny addition to any shelf or mantelpiece. The highly detailed cartoon style animals take inspiration from ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ and show th...


Dracula Hoodie - Grey  image
Dracula Hoodie - Grey
Remember your trip to Whitby Abbey with this Dracula hoodie. When writing Dracula, Bram Stoker visited Whitby Abbey and took inspiration from its graveyard, magnificent ruins and the numerous steps th...

From £32.00

Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella image
Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella
Be prepared for rainy weather with this Whitby Abbey Bat Umbrella. The classic style umbrella has a dark grey outer with a unique bat print on the inside. Drawing upon the references to Dracula at Whi...


Whitby Abbey Bats T-Shirt image
Whitby Abbey Bats T-Shirt
Celebrate the history of Whitby Abbey with this gothic style t-shirt. It pictures a number of flying bats on the front and reverse of the t-shirt as well as the words ‘Whitby Abbey’. This ...

From £20.00

Vampire Goblet image
Vampire Goblet
Fit in at a gothic themed dinner party with this vampire goblet. The intricately designed goblet features patterns and shapes that are reminiscent of a gothic abbey, alongside some sinister looking ba...


Raven Skull Model image
Raven Skull Model
Add a piece of gothic décor into your home with this raven skull model. The skull features engraved quotes from the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘The Raven’, making it the perfect gi...


Whitby Abbey Rose Circle Necklace image
Whitby Abbey Rose Circle Necklace
Tell someone you love them with this Whitby Abbey Rose Circle Necklace. Inside two interlocking circles sits a highly detailed recreation of the rose window, positioned at the transept of the historic...

Was £55.00 Sale Price £35.00

Whitby Abbey Juco Shopper Bag image
Whitby Abbey Juco Shopper Bag
Carry groceries and save the environment with this Whitby Abbey Juco Shopper Bag. The back and front of the bag are made from juco, a fine weave combination of cotton and jute, and the sides are made ...


Whitby Abbey Coaster  image
Whitby Abbey Coaster
Protect surfaces from heat rings and scratches with this Whitby Abbey Coaster. Made by hand in the heart of the Staffordshire potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, each coaster is individually decorated with a...


Dracula Mug image
Dracula Mug
Enjoy your favourite hot drink in this Dracula Mug. Created to commemorate Whitby Abbey, this mug takes inspiration for the novel, Dracula. The exclusive design features a silhouette of a bat, an...


Dracula Ceramic Coaster image
Dracula Ceramic Coaster
Protect your surfaces from scratches and marks with this Dracula coaster. Created to commemorate Whitby Abbey, this coaster takes inspiration from the novel, Dracula. The exclusive design feature...

Was £5.00 Sale Price £3.00

Skull Pit Tankard image
Skull Pit Tankard
Drink from this tankard at a dinner party to show your guests that you mean business. It is covered in highly detailed skulls, to give the impression of a deathly skull pit, while the handle has been ...


Little Nipper Kids T-Shirt - Red image
Little Nipper Kids T-Shirt - Red
Dress your ‘little nipper’ in this red t-shirt and add a pop of colour into their wardrobe. It is perfect for everyday wear and is sure to make friends and family giggle. Taking inspiratio...

From £5.60

Dracula Toy Theatre image
Dracula Toy Theatre
This box holds within it a magnificent secret. Once assembled – an easy thing involving only a little tape – its contents allows you to present the three-act drama Dracula, complete with a...


Little Nipper Fangs Bib image
Little Nipper Fangs Bib
Keep your little one clean at meal times with this little nipper bib. A great baby gift for any new mum, it is a fun and practical accessory. Whether you are introducing your ‘little nipper&rsqu...


Skull Duggary Goblet image
Skull Duggary Goblet
Ward off your enemies at the dinner table with this skull duggery goblet. Featuring four large menacing white skulls, several smaller skulls at the stem and six reapers at the base, this goblet shows ...


Vampire Fangs Brooch - Tatty Devine image
Vampire Fangs Brooch - Tatty Devine
Channel your inner vampire with this Vampire Fangs Brooch by British designers, Tatty Devine. Featuring red lips and silver mirrored vampire fangs, this brooch is a great statement piece to add into y...


Whitby Abbey Rose Circle Bracelet image
Whitby Abbey Rose Circle Bracelet
This intricately designed necklace replicates the rose window found at Whitby Abbey. Surrounded by two interlocking eternity circles, it is the perfect gift for someone you love. Crafted from sterling...

Was £50.00 Sale Price £30.00

Gothic Embellished Top Hat image
Gothic Embellished Top Hat
Be ready for a fancy dress party, accessorise your outfit or display this top hat in your dressing room to add a gothic edge. The hat has a veil towards the back with black rose details, ribbon around...


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